Not all adventures need take place in the summertime, just as not all trips need to be to tropical climes. Sometimes it can be cool (no pun intended) to visit a new place in the wintertime. When you think about it, it makes sense: You get to avoid the rush of tourists that travel in warmer weather; you have more beautiful cities to yourself; you get a potentially new perspective on your surroundings when you travel in winter.

Take Ultimate Italy: Winter, for example. Sure, it’s easy to see Italy in the spring or summertime along with hordes of other travellers, but if you visit in the wintertime, you’ll have your pick of sights to see, as well as much more (and different) food and drink than you’d encounter during the busier seasons. The medieval town of Gubbio really gets into the holiday spirit, as well – it’s home to the “Biggest Christmas Tree in the World,” which isn’t a real tree, but a huge set of lights trailing up the hill behind the town in the shape of a Christmas tree, topped by a giant illuminated star at the top of the hill. Take that, Rockefeller Center!

The "Biggest Christmas Tree in the World” in Gubbio, Italy.

The “Biggest Christmas Tree in the World” in Gubbio, Italy.

Along the same lines, there’s also our Amalfi Coast Winter Local Living trip. This off-season trip puts you up at a traditional agriturismo for a week of living like a local in Amalfi. Because you’re in Italy during the winter, it feels even more like you’re native to the country – with fewer tourists to spoil the illusion. Also,limoncello goes beautifully with Christmas meals as a digestif, and you’ll learn all about its production while visiting the Southern Italian village of Furore. (Be sure to take notes on how to make it for friends and family once you get home.)

No tourists to compete with in this square in Amalfi.

No tourists to compete with in this Amalfi square.

If you’re looking to really immerse yourself in the snowy spirit (or maybe you just saw the Disney movieFrozen more than a few times), try an adventure in Lapland. This northern region of Sweden is located inside the Arctic Circle, and includes its very own hotel made out of ice in Jukkasjärvi, a small village that’s home to 1,100 residents and 1,000 dogs. If you visit Lapland with us, you’ll experience authentic activities like dog-sledding, visits to Sami villages and reindeer farms, ice fishing, and snowshoeing. Lapland may be an unconventional adventure, but it’s definitely one that you ought to experience in your lifetime.

Dog sledding in Lapland!

Dog sledding in Lapland!

Which traditional destinations would you want to see a more wintery side of? Let us know in the comments – and stay warm out there!



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