Twenty in Paris: Fire Safety


Fire Safety is something that most American students do not worry about. If you live in a dorm room or apartment, you do not have to worry about fire safety. This is because the dormitory building or apartment has fire escapes and was approved as being up to fire safety code by the local fire marshal. This is something that we take for granted in the USA. I was living in my Parisian studio for two months before I noticed something was missing. The studio in which I lived was a little shoebox of a living space but it had a great big French window overlooking a charming, moss covered courtyard of an adjacent apartment building. When I needed some fresh air or a break from studying, I would open the window and look out at the view. It was during one of these instances that I noticed there was not a fire escape ladder. I was on the top floor of a four story apartment building and my stomach did not like the idea that we were helpless in the event of a fire. Looking around the courtyard, I noticed that none of the other apartments had any fire escapes nor discernible ledges/objects that could be used to lower oneself to the ground safely in the event of a fire. (more…)

Travelers’s Guide to Hitchhiking

Young travellerWhen it comes to traveling, did you know you can actually travel at no cost to you? Instead of booking a flight and flying or even driving out yourself, if you are the loner type, you can actually hitchhike and find a place to stay at no cost to you. It can actually be safe to hitchhike and you will be saving money at the same time. Here are some ways to travel at no cost by hitchhiking and ways to find a place to stay without paying a dime out of pocket.