December 15: 15% off a trip to the Middle East

12 Days of Travel: G14MIDDLEEAST

When traveling to the Middle East travelers feel a sense of magic in the air, as there’s something inherently spiritual in the Middle East. Whether you are taking in the ancient temples and mosques, indulging in the intoxicating aromas of the bazaars and souks, or capturing the stunning mountains and red-and-ochre dunescapes that surround the historic cities such as Morocco the Middle East provides travelers with an unforgettable adventure. (more…)

Dubai: A Desert Diamond


Dubai is a study in contrasts. It’s the kind of place where you might see billionaires driving Lamborghini’s having coffee with camel herders and not think twice about it. However, this emulsion of east and west, of old and new, of ocean and desert, is precisely why Dubai is one of the premiere tourist destinations in the Middle East and the world. It’s an oasis of opulence that also succeeds as a first-rate cultural hotspot, and a visit to Dubai will certainly stand out as an unforgettable travel experience. (more…)