Being a Lone Romantic in Italy

You don’t need a man to sweep you off your feet and take you to Italy for a romantic weekend. Instead, do as the Romans do and treat yourself! Italy basically invented romance and therefore, is the perfect place to take yourself on dates and romantic strolls through the city. Discover what it’s like to be a lone romantic in Italy.

Adventures from my Study Abroad Trip in Europe

silkeblogI’m pretty sure most of my Facebook contacts are sick of hearing how much I loved Europe. You see, I just came back this January from my study abroad trip in Europe to the wonderful city of Bradford. I attended the University of Bradford in England for one semester (September- January), and it was an unexpected life changing experience. I made amazing friends who are now a big part of my life and met an amazing guy who pretty much knows me better than I do. Lucky me, huh? (more…)