Don't Wear a Dress to the Windy City


Chicago is called the Windy City, and I learned the hard way that it lives up to its nickname when I wore a thin, flippy dress upon my arrival and promptly showed many Chicagoans and my fellow tourists quite a bit more of myself than I had intended. I attempted to hold my dress down with one hand without losing my grip on my backpack, duffel bag and handbag, while I searched for the entrance to the underground trains (and finally found it on my third trip around the block.) Despite our rough beginnings, Chicago and I formed a fast friendship. I’ve been back multiple times, and if not for the fact that it gets far too cold for my thin Southern-bred skin, I would move there in a minute. There is no shortage of life in Chicago, and I’ve spent days just walking around the city without ever getting bored or seeing all the things I wanted to see. That said, there are a few must-sees that I have discovered. (more…)