6 Reasons Every International Student Needs a Credit Card

If you’re an international student coming to the United States on an F1 visa, you probably have a bank or debit card that you use for your daily expenses. But there are several times when you’ll also want and need actual credit — your debit card, even with a credit card logo, is technically just cash. Unlike a bank or debit card, only a proper U.S. credit card offers these six short- and long-term advantages when used responsibly:

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5 Ways to Fund Your Overseas Education

Piggy Bank

Studying overseas is a great way to enhance your academic experience while increasing cultural awareness and tolerance. Studying abroad will help you develop a deeper understanding of the world, and will contribute to career marketability, as well as personal growth. Employers seek employees with good communication skills and cross-cultural competence—both of which are fostered through studying abroad. However, whether you are an international student studying in the United States or a US student studying abroad, studying in a country other than your own is expensive. The following are some ways to help you fund your overseas education. Read More

Taxation Matters To Consider For Students


Did you know that students have their own set of tax laws? In college, there are different tax rules that apply. Take a look at some of these unique tax laws for students:

Native Students

If you are a US resident, you will have a base tax of 14 percent on everything you make while in college. Scholarship money is often subject to this tax as well. Most students are still on their parent’s taxes, so it is important to discuss the potential tax with your parents to avoid shock during tax time. Read More

How I Saved Over $1500 on an iPhone + Plan

savemoneywithiphoneMost of us fall into one of two categories: those who desperately want a smartphone and those who have become dependent on the many wonderful features their smartphone has offered them. The bad news is that, while the wonders of smartphones are nearly undeniable, so is the high cost. Purchasing and maintaining a smartphone is not cheap! Fortunately, there are some ways to beat the system, and I managed to get myself a shiny new iPhone and unlimited talk, text, and data plan for a price that’s hard to believe! And I did it all without locking myself into a two-year contract, a.k.a. death trap. Read More

Win $10,000 With SALT's Face The Red Sweepstakes!

Have you seen SALT’s movie, The Red? If not, check it out here. It’s pretty scary. We made this movie to bring attention to the fact that more than 10 million people under 30 years old have student loans—and many of them are so overwhelmed that they choose to ignore their debt. Now that’s scary. At SALT™, we want […]