If you’re not sure what to gift yourself, your always-on-the-move bestie or your SO this holiday season, we’ve got an idea. Or twelve.

1. Papier travel journal

Why we love it…

It’s a place to remember the trips you loved the most, or plan for upcoming ones thanks to Papier’s planning templates.

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2. Homesick candle

Why we love it…

You don’t have to be homesick to enjoy one. Instead, think about a place that you loved visiting or that your bestie can’t stop talking about—next thing you know, the only thing they’ll be talking about is how much they love it.

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3. Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask

Why we love it…

Because what else can make a little jet lag bearable? Absolutely nothing.

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4. Patagonia Mini Hip Pack

Why we love it…

It’s super lightweight, fits all the basic essentials and folds up small enough to save you that real estate in your luggage. Not to mention, Patagonia is all about sustainability which we are absolutely HERE for.

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5. Béis Convertible Mini Weekender

Why we love it…

If anything is a MUST, it’s this. Small but mighty, this bag fits everything you’d need for a weekend away. And the bottom compartment, which is detachable btw, is the perfect place to keep shoes separate from everything else—so no more sandy shoes getting in with the rest of your things during that long-awaited Caribbean getaway. Need we say more?

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6. Amazon Kindle (2022 Release)

Why we love it…

TBH it’s just time to stop lugging those books around, besties.

Also, quick question: Did you have one in like 10th grade but never use it? Because same.

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7. SAUNORCH Universal International Travel Power Adapter

Why we love it…

Most travel adapters get the job done, but this one is only $20 (at time of publish) and the reviews really speak volumes about what you can expect.

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8. Stanley Quencher H2.0 Flowstate™ Tumbler | 30 oz.

Why we love it…

Whether you go with the 30 oz. one or not, all we’ve gotta say is that single-use water bottles are just not it. If you’re going international and can’t drink from the tap, we recommend buying a larger jug of water (at least 1 gallon to eliminate some of your single-use plastic) and using that to top off your Stanley Quencher.

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9. Disposable cameras

Why we love it…

Nothing captures the moment quite like a film camera, and we stand by that. Not to mention, it’s a fool-proof gift for any one of your travel-loving besties!

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10. Away Travel Neck Pillow

Why we love it…

OKAY, so…you can *totally* find a more affordable option, but this one comes with 4.4 stars and an antimicrobial pouch that can attach right to your bag. Oh, and those long-haul flights to Europe? Yeah, they’re no match for this one.

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11. Bombas Gripper Slipper

Why we love it…

These will fit into your bag without taking up too much room. Anddd they’re super cute and cozy, perfect for colder weather during those winter getaways or holiday travel.

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12. Calpak Portable Charger

Why we love it…

Who needs a luggage tag and a portable charger when you can have both, all in one little package? And (bonus!) doubling as a luggage tag means that it will attach to the outside of your bag so that you’re not always digging to find it.

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Another option (it has 4.5 stars!)…
Anker compact portable charger →