Ok, so maybe your last 25327 Amazon purchases didn’t give you the satisfaction you’d hoped for. But maybe these ones will? If you’re single this Valentine’s Day and looking for a way to treat yourself, or maybe you’re just looking for something exciting to look forward to or trying to fill a void—these self-care gifts (to yourself) may be just what you need. 

1. Warm pajamas

Go for some footie pajamas to warm yourself through the winter or for lounging around on the weekends (or sitting through hours of Zoom classes…we’re not judging). These are super soft and warm (and highly rated), plus they have a variety of patterns and colors to choose from. 

2. Treat your skin

Sometimes self-care means treating yourself to something that will help you, you know, actually take care of yourself. Some cleansing creams, fancy lotions or balms can go a long way in caring for chapped skin from cold weather and washing your hands so much. Plus, this set includes products that all fit the TSA travel requirements!

3. Diffuser 

Having a diffuser can help clear the air and make your space smell refreshed—and this one is super small and doesn’t need any water or heat. It’s perfect for small spaces and is super easy to get set up!

4. Body pillow

Don’t let anyone tell you that you need to be pregnant to buy this pillow. This body pillow is one of the top-rated pillows on Amazon. Plus, with it’s super-long design, it’ll feel like you’re all wrapped up in a hug while you’re napping or watching TV. 

5. Weighted blanket

Wishing you had someone to hold you tight at night? This weighted blanket might just do the trick. For anyone with anxiety or insomnia or that’s lived through 2020, a weighted blanket is the perfect way to get a better night’s sleep. It’s meant to imitate the feeling of being hugged, so you’ll be able to relax faster and sleep better.

6. Fancy coffee

One of the best self-care gifts is a better cup of coffee, amiright? You’re probably not going out for coffee as much these days, so why not make yourself a really amazing cup of coffee from home? Upgrade your barista skills with a French press or just some really fancy coffee beans. 

7. Plants 

A set of mini-succulents or some hard-to-kill pothos? What more could you want? Bonus: having something to take care of may give you just the motivation you need to get through the winter. 

8. Bath bombs 

Nothing says self care quite like a nice long bath—and what better way to upgrade your bath than with some luxe bath bombs? These extra-large bath bombs provide plenty of fizz. Plus, they’re handmade with natural and vegan ingredients and essential oils, so you can relax knowing they’re good for you too!

9. Chocolate

What says self-care more than chocolate? Nothing, that’s what. Treat yourself to some fancy chocolates, indulge in some super-dark, fair-trade chocolates or buy a whole fondue set. Sky’s the limit.

10. Mini waffle maker 

Breakfast in bed is easier than ever with this mini-waffle maker. It only makes one waffle at a time, so it’s perfect for a solo self-care brunch. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors and patterns. You can also use it for paninis, hash browns and cakes and brownies, too.

11. Journal 

If you’re feeling more stressed out than ever right now (and let’s be honest, who isn’t?), a guided journal is a great form of self-care. It’s a great way to slow down, motivate yourself, practice mindfulness or indulge your creative side. If 2021’s got you feeling more salty than stressed, we recommend this sassy zen journal.

12. A nice piece of jewelry

Who says you can’t buy yourself jewelry? You might not be going anywhere lately, but you can still pamper yourself with a new piece to pick up your mood (and your look). We love these layered necklaces for a chic work from home look or for a night out. 

13. Self-care subscription box 

With a subscription box, treat yourself to a surprise every month! Whether it’s a self-care box (we love this Therabox subscription) or a snack box (we like this one that lets you try candy and snacks from a different country every month.) Either way, there’s plenty of subscription options for you. Plus, everyone needs something to look forward to, right? 

14. Learn something new 

If you’ve got a hobby you’ve been wanting to try (or are just bored out of your mind being at home for months on end), treat yourself to a starter kit for a new indoor hobby. Try a cross-stitching or embroidery kit or hop on the sourdough bread train with a sourdough starter kit for beginners.

What are you buying to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day?