The seasons and weather play such a huge part in what we like doing and where we like to be. Don’t stress with needless research on where your next vacation should be. Let us tell you where you’ll have the best time based on your favorite season!

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Fans of springtime need look no further than a trip to San Diego. Wait, wait – you read that right! San Diego isn’t actually hot despite being on the southern coast of California. The average high temp in July is 75 (and in January is 66) making it perfect for warmth without sweat. San Diego will also give you all the good beaches, good food, and good chill vibes.


Footbridge to the Smathers beach on sunrise in Key West, Florida summer season

The obvious choice: Summer is filled with sunshine, hot weather, and blue skies – just begging for beach or pool trips. As a summer lover, you will be thrilled with a trip to Key West, Fl. where the average temp year round is generally above 70. Key West will give you all the beach vibes with all the summer fun of restaurants, shopping, and nightlife – year round.

Channel in Amsterdam Netherlands with green summer season trees, houses, and bicycles.

The wildcard pick: Summer is the easy fav when you like being outdoors and having vacation time with no responsibilities. And you can still find the carefree spirit and the outdoor living without all the sweat necessarily in the Netherlands. The country is super welcoming, ultra cyclist friendly, and full of culture and fun. And yes, it still has some gorgeous beaches.


Edinburgh skyline, Scotland fall season.

Once summers out the way, Autumn brings us all the much needed reprieve from sweating all day and night. Plus there’s the pretty foliage changes, the good spooky vibes, and the festive harvests of pumpkins, apples, and other late season produce. For a trip that really gives off Fall vibes, try heading across the pond to the UK. After flying into London and exploring the England area, consider a trip to Edinburgh, Scotland to really soak in that cooler fall weather, lots of historical landmarks and castles (definitely a few that are haunted?). You can still get some nice fall foliage if you go in September/October time, too.


Zermatt city village in the Valley and Matterhorn Peak in the background in Switzerland with snowy winter season.

The obvious choice: Dreaming all day, every day of snowy white scenery perfect for holding a hot mug and grabbing your ski bag? Switzerland‘s weather is cool year round and there are multiple ski resorts open all year, with snow guaranteed. Even if snow sports aren’t your reason for loving winter, you’ll find that winter comfort you want in the landscape of the alps, the cuisine, and the culture.

Aerial view over Rio de Janeiro as viewed from Corcovado. The famous Sugar Loaf mountain sticks out of Guanabara Bay.

The wildcard pick: You’re either a winter lover because you like the coziness and the festiveness or because you like the sports and adventure of the season. You can still find this adventurousness and festivities without the freezing temperatures in Brazil. Brazil’s got everything for everyone! Carnival and New Years Eve will please your party spirit. Or explore the ocean, the literal Amazon Rainforest, or the city for your adventurous spirit.

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