Planning a trip to study abroad? Wanting to get inspiration for your studies? We got you covered. Many colleges prepare students for jobs and internships in their area, but there are so many more places to explore and learn from! Whether you’re looking for good study abroad options, or overseas work, here is what destination you should travel to based on your studies.

Major: Business

Destination to travel to: Tokyo, Japan

A blue/grey sky with Tokyo tower lit red on the left and surrounded by the skyline of Tokyo, Japan - the destination to travel to for Business majors.

Tokyo is a unique and exciting city, home to large financial markets, with tons of cool places to see and experience! Home to landmarks such as the TokyoSkytree, along with Akihabara Electric Town, you can find all the latest tech and gadgets for sale there. Business majors can find work in multinational corporations such as Toyota and Sony along with fun in places like Tokyo Disneyland. If you’re looking to explore Tokyo along with the rest of Japan, learn how to travel there for a fraction of the cost.

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Major: Nursing

Destination to travel to: Dublin, Ireland

The Temple Bar in a street corner in Dublin, Ireland - the destination to travel to for Nursing majors.

Dublin is home to the warm culture of Ireland, where “craic”, a mixture of humor and intelligence, is something that can only be experienced once there. This city offers much variety for nurses who are in high demand for primary care services. In between your nursing rotations and studies, you can visit parks such as Merrion Square or window-shop on Grafton Street. Whether you’re just starting out your studies or ready to graduate, this city is sure to leave you yearning for a return as soon as you say goodbye.

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Major: Engineering & Architecture

Destination to travel to: Rome, Italy

Closeup, upward view of the colosseum in Rome, Italy - the destination to travel to for Engineering and Architecture majors.

Want to know why Rome wasn’t built in a day? Plan a visit to find out why! 

What better place to feed the engineer’s and architecture’s love for beautiful attractions than Rome? With iconic landmarks like the Colosseum, St. Peter’s Basilica and the Pantheon, your studies for class will be right in front of you! The rich history of this ancient city draws thousands of visitors to it each month, inspiring students to dream of what’s possible even in the modern world of Engineering and Architecture. 

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Major: Psychology

Destination to travel to: Vienna, Austria

Skyline of Vienna, Austria - the destination to travel to for Psychology majors.

Want to explore in the same place where the father of psychology, Sigmund Freud, did? Here you will find European charm alongside art and history in places like the Sigmund Freud Museum and Albertina. Check out beautiful vineyards and lakes, along with palaces and even a zoo!

Multiple Michelen-Star restaurants make great food a staple of Vienna, but there are tons of budget friendly food eateries like Cafe Murkur, as well as a beautiful culture of music to go with them. So psychology majors, how about it? As Billy Joel says, Vienna waits for you!

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Major: Film

Destination to travel to: Mumbai, India

The Jal Mahal in Mumbai, India - the destination to travel to for Film majors.

What better place to celebrate a love for all things film than in the capital of world cinema? Studying abroad in India doesn’t have to drain your wallet—we have tons of cheap flight options to get you there for less.

Mumbai offers deep culture, history, food, and most importantly movies. Explore where thousands of Bollywood movies are filmed each year, and discover how these films find their place in the larger industry. Visiting Mumbai will give you a sense of India’s fast-paced culture and values of art and love. 

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Major: Journalism

Destination to travel to: Bali, Indonesia

Temple on the waters with a mountain in the background in Bali, Indonesia - the destination to travel to for Journalism majors.

Enjoy a warm and tropical atmosphere on this beautiful—and budget-friendly!—island. Sandy beaches and coastlines deem Bali as a paradise on Earth. Journalism majors will thrive here through experiences like walking with pink buffalo (a must-have adventure!) and studying their religion in temples such as the Uluwatu Temple. Balinese locals also have a long history of paying homage to the Island of the Gods. Spend time journaling about the Balinese form of Hinduism or examining their ancient surfing tradition on beaches such as Blue Point Beach and Kuta Beach. 

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Major: Education

Destination to travel to: London, England

Big Ben clock tower and a statue of a horse in London, England - the destination to travel to for Education majors.

London has some of the best universities for studying education. Even better—many of the top schools in London, such as Queen Mary and King’s College, have exchange programs with US universities to make studying abroad even easier.

Even if you don’t come to London for school, there’s tons to see and do. Take a tour of Westminster Abbey or get a glimpse of royalty at Buckingham Palace. On a budget? Bookmark these free things to do in London and get ready to take your learning up a notch by visiting London!

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