Traveling on a student budget can be challenging, but there are several affordable travel destinations that Indian students can consider. These destinations offer a mix of culture, natural beauty, and budget-friendly options for accommodations and activities. Keep in mind that prices can vary depending on the time of year and your travel style, so always plan and budget accordingly. Here are some affordable travel destinations for Indian students:


Aerial view of Bandipur village in Nepal with mountain ranges in the background. Nepal is an affordable student travel destination from India.

Nestled amidst the Himalayas, Nepal boasts breathtaking landscapes, rich culture, and a wallet-friendly atmosphere that’s tailor-made for students on a budget. Trekking and hiking opportunities abound, and the cost of living is relatively low.

Nepal offers a plethora of affordable accommodation options, from budget-friendly hostels to guesthouses that won’t dent your savings. Moreover, local cuisine is not only delicious but incredibly affordable, allowing you to savor traditional dishes without overspending. Whether you’re exploring the vibrant streets of Kathmandu or embarking on a trek through the majestic Himalayan trails, Nepal offers an unparalleled adventure that won’t break the bank.

Our favorite affordable activity there:

Hike to Sarangkot for a Sunrise View – This short trek near Pokhara offers breathtaking views of the Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain ranges at sunrise.

Set out for an affordable journey of a lifetime in Nepal. It’s a destination where the mountains are high, and the costs are delightfully low. Experience the magic of Nepal and make memories that’ll last a lifetime without worrying about your budget!

Flights to Nepal starting at $250 roundtrip* (20729 INR)

Sri Lanka

Sigiriya Lion's Rock of Fortress in the middle of the forest in Sri Lanka island.

Calling all Indian college students seeking an incredible travel adventure on a budget! Sri Lanka beckons with its pristine beaches, lush tea plantations, and rich cultural heritage, making it the ultimate destination for affordable student travel. It’s a budget-friendly destination with affordable guesthouses, street food, and public transportation options. Explore cities like Colombo, Kandy, and Ella, as well as cultural sites like Sigiriya. Picture this: you can explore stunning landscapes, indulge in delectable local cuisine, and stay in budget-friendly accommodations without breaking the bank.

Sri Lanka’s cost of living is notably lower compared to many other travel hotspots. This makes it a dream destination for students. From the vibrant city of Colombo to the enchanting hills of Ella, you’ll find affordable guesthouses and hostels that offer comfort and convenience. And let’s not forget the mouthwatering street food – it’s not only delicious but incredibly pocket-friendly.

Our favorite affordable activity there:

Visit Sigiriya Rock Fortress – Explore the ancient rock fortress of Sigiriya, also known as Lion Rock, and marvel at the impressive ruins and panoramic views from the top.

If you’re looking for a destination where you can stretch your budget without compromising on experiences, Sri Lanka is it. Dive into the cultural tapestry, soak up the sun on golden beaches, and create unforgettable memories on your affordable student adventure in this tropical paradise!

Flights to Sri Lanka starting at $276 roundtrip* (22885 INR)


View of Tiger's nest monastery in Bhutan which sits on the side of a mountain cliff as clouds of mountains are in the valley beside.

If you’re looking for budget-friendly travel that still gives you a sense of wanderlust, it’s time to visit Bhutan. Often referred to as the “Land of the Thunder Dragon,” Bhutan is your dream destination for affordable student travel. While it’s true that Bhutan imposes a daily tourist fee, this fee covers accommodation, meals, and transportation, making it a surprisingly budget-friendly option for students seeking a unique and enriching experience.

Bhutan offers awe-inspiring landscapes, ancient monasteries, and a rich cultural heritage that will leave you spellbound. The daily fee provides a structured and all-inclusive experience. This way you can explore this mystical kingdom without constantly worrying about your expenses. Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the Himalayas, discover Bhutanese traditions, and make memories that will last a lifetime, all without breaking the bank.

Our favorite affordable activity there:

Explore Paro Taktsang (Tiger’s Nest) Monastery – Hike to this iconic monastery perched on a cliffside, offering stunning views of the Paro Valley.

Combine affordability with unparalleled experiences and set your sights on Bhutan. There you will be able to head off on an affordable student journey like no other!

Flights to Bhutan starting at $89 roundtrip* (7380 INR)


Ancient stone faces at sunset of Bayon temple, Angkor Wat, Siam Reap, in Cambodia. The country is a very affordable student travel destination from India.

Located in Southeast Asia, Cambodia is a gem that offers an incredible travel experience without straining your wallet. Cambodia is a destination that effortlessly combines affordability with rich cultural experiences, making it an ideal choice for affordable student travel.

One of the biggest draws of Cambodia is its affordability. Accommodations, food, and transportation are all incredibly budget-friendly, allowing you to stretch your rupees further while still enjoying everything this beautiful country has to offer. Marvel at the awe-inspiring Angkor Wat temple complex. Indulge in delicious street food. Exploring the vibrant cities of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. Cambodia promises a memorable adventure that won’t break the bank.

Our favorite affordable activity there:

Angkor Wat Bicycle Tour – Rent a bicycle and explore the vast Angkor Wat temple complex in Siem Reap, discovering the hidden temples and intricate carvings.

Don’t miss the opportunity to explore Cambodia’s rich culture and stunning landscapes while keeping your budget in check. It’s an affordable student travel paradise waiting to be discovered by you!

Flights to Cambodia starting at $503 roundtrip* (41707 INR)


A village street in Vietnam with lanterns hanging above.

It’s time to stop dreaming about exploring the world without emptying your pockets, and start doing it. Vietnam is the answer to your travel dreams! This Southeast Asian gem combines affordability with a wealth of cultural experiences, making it an ideal destination for budget-conscious students.

One of the key reasons Vietnam shines as an affordable student travel destination is its incredibly low cost of living. From budget-friendly hostels to delicious street food that won’t dent your wallet, every aspect of your trip can be easy on your finances. You might find yourself navigating the bustling streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter. Or perhaps cruising through the breathtaking Halong Bay. Or maybe you’ll immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of Ho Chi Minh City. No matter what you choose to do, Vietnam offers a wide range of affordable experiences. Explore ancient temples, indulge in local cuisine, and create unforgettable memories in a country where your budget goes a long way.

Our favorite affordable activity there:

Take a Mekong Delta Boat Tour – Experience the local life along the Mekong River with an affordable boat tour, visiting floating markets and villages.

Get ready to start an incredible (and affordable) adventure in Vietnam. You won’t be sorry that you went!

Flights to Vietnam starting at $434 roundtrip* (35986 INR)


View of the bright blue waters of Loh Samah Bay, Phi Phi island, in Thailand from a boat. Thailand is a great affordable student travel destination from India.

Thailand beckons with open arms, offering a perfect blend of affordability and adventure that will leave you with incredible memories without straining your finances. Here’s why Thailand stands as the ultimate destination for affordable student travel.

Thailand boasts a thriving backpacker culture, making it exceptionally wallet-friendly. From budget hostels to mouthwatering street food, you’ll find everything you need to keep your expenses in check while exploring this tropical paradise. Whether you’re discovering the bustling streets of Bangkok, lounging on the stunning beaches of Phuket, or immersing yourself in the cultural richness of Chiang Mai, Thailand has something for every student traveler. With its affordability, vibrant nightlife, and an abundance of activities, Thailand ensures your college budget goes a long way.

Our favorite affordable activity there:

Visit Ayutthaya Historical Park – Explore the ancient ruins of Ayutthaya, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and rent a bicycle to tour the temple complexes.

Are you ready for a life changing adventure in the “Land of Smiles,” where affordable student travel meets endless possibilities?

Flights to Thailand starting at $267 roundtrip* (22139 INR)

Indonesia (Bali)

Ulun Danu Beratan Temple is a famous landmark located on the western side of the Beratan Lake, in Bali, Indonesia.

If you’ve been yearning for an exotic getaway that won’t break the bank, Indonesia is the destination of your dreams. With its stunning landscapes, rich culture, and wallet-friendly experiences, Indonesia offers the perfect blend of affordability and adventure for students seeking an unforgettable trip on a budget.

Indonesia’s affordability is a true standout. From the serene beaches of Bali to the lush jungles of Sumatra, you’ll find budget-friendly accommodations, delicious street food, and low-cost transportation options that cater to student budgets. Explore ancient temples, hike volcanoes, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, and experience vibrant local markets—all without overspending. Indonesia’s diversity and affordability make it an ideal destination for students looking to make the most of their travel funds.

Our favorite affordable activity there:

Surfing in Kuta Beach – Try your hand at surfing in Bali’s famous Kuta Beach, known for its consistent waves and surf schools.

So, get going on a budget-conscious student adventure in Indonesia, where your thirst for adventure merges seamlessly with affordable travel, promising countless unforgettable memories.

Flights to Indonesia starting at $469 roundtrip* (38888 INR)


City skyline view of Kuala Lumpur at twilight in Malaysia - an affordable student travel destination.

Malaysia, the jewel of Southeast Asia, beckons Indian college students with a promise of an affordable travel experience like no other. For students seeking adventure on a budget, Malaysia offers a delightful fusion of diverse cultures, stunning landscapes, and wallet-friendly options that make it an ideal destination for affordable student travel.

One of Malaysia’s standout features is its affordability. From the bustling streets of Kuala Lumpur to the cultural treasures of Penang, you’ll find a wide array of budget-friendly accommodations. Don’t forget delectable street food and efficient public transportation, too. Explore vibrant markets, savor a diverse culinary landscape, and immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Malay, Chinese, Indian, and indigenous cultures. Malaysia’s affordability ensures that you can make the most of your student budget while experiencing the best this vibrant country has to offer.

Our favorite affordable activity there:

Explore Batu Caves – Visit the colorful Batu Caves near Kuala Lumpur, climb the stairs, and explore the Hindu shrines inside the limestone caves.

Fly off for an extraordinary adventure in Malaysia. The fusion of affordability with cultural richness there guarantees a memorable journey that won’t dent your budget.

Flights to Malaysia starting at $374 roundtrip* (31011 INR)


A beach in Algarve, Portugal with bright waters, light sand, and the European city in the hills behind.

If you’re looking for an international experience within Europe, Portugal can be surprisingly affordable compared to its Western European neighbors. Explore cities like Lisbon and Porto, enjoy delicious cuisine, and discover historical sites. Nestled in southwestern Europe, Portugal combines rich history, captivating landscapes, and budget-friendly options to create the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable adventure.

Portugal stands out as one of Europe’s most affordable travel destinations. From the charming streets of Lisbon to the historic allure of Porto, you’ll find reasonably priced accommodations, delicious local cuisine, and efficient public transportation systems that cater to students on a budget. Explore ancient castles, wander through picturesque towns, and indulge in delectable pastries, all while keeping your travel expenses in check. Portugal’s affordability ensures that you can experience the best of European culture and history without breaking the bank.

Our favorite affordable activity there:

Enjoy a Wine Tasting in Porto – Head to the Douro Valley and enjoy affordable wine tastings at local wineries, savoring the famous Port wine.

Pack your bags, and let Portugal be the backdrop to your unforgettable student journey full of affordability and Old World charm. You will be creating an adventure you’ll cherish without straining your finances.

Flights to Portugal starting at $596 roundtrip* (49418 INR)

Eastern Europe (Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, etc.)

Royal castle and old town at sunset in Warsaw, Poland. Eastern Europe is an affordable student travel destination from India.

College life is all about exploration and adventure, and Eastern Europe beckons with open arms to cater to your travel aspirations without straining your wallet. This region is a hidden treasure trove for students seeking affordable yet enriching travel experiences. Here’s why Eastern Europe is your ultimate destination for affordable student travel.

Eastern Europe boasts a unique blend of history, culture, and affordability that makes it an attractive choice for budget-conscious college students. The streets of Budapest, Hungary is enchanting. Krakow, Poland is full of medieval charm. Prague, Czech Republic has architectural wonders like nowhere else. And in all of these destinations you’ll find affordable hostels, delicious local cuisine, and efficient public transportation that fit perfectly within your student budget. With countless museums, historical sites, and vibrant nightlife, Eastern Europe offers a plethora of experiences without breaking the bank.

Our favorite affordable activity there:

Take a Thermal Bath in Budapest – Relax in one of Budapest’s historic thermal baths, such as Széchenyi or Gellért, known for their affordable entrance fees and unique architecture.

Embrace Eastern Europe for a trip full of history, culture, and adventure, all while keeping your budget in check.

Flights to Eastern Europe starting at $612 roundtrip* (50745 INR)

Are you ready to make your travel dreams come true? Get shopping now for flights and accommodations to whichever destination calls to you. Is it one on this list? Or do you have another, equally magical place in mind?

*Flight prices were accurate at the time of publishing and are subject to change. The listed prices here are reflective of flights departing India from September 2023 to January 2024.