Thinking ahead to all the great deals you might be able to find on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Well, same. Luckily for you, we’ve rounded up this list of just some of our hot deals that got snatched up last year! The past few years have been sadly without much traveling, but we’re looking forward to 2022 with some amazing Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals. Planning a vacay now for 2022 is the perfect way to mentally escape—and we have some amazing deals coming up so you can get out of town on a budget.

Check out some of the best deals students found on flights during Black Friday & Cyber Monday last year, then pull out your bucket list and start planning where to go next!

(Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that these same fares will be available this year. In fact, they’re almost always different. These are only meant as a guide to see what kinds of deals students have scored in the past.)

Some tips on how to find the best deals:
  • Sign up for our first-dibs, early access lists for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Early access means you get first dibs on the best deals before they sell out. Plus we’ll have additional discounts for everyone who signs up in advance!
  • Book earlier in the day for the best fares.
  • This year, we’ll have great deals for domestic and international flights for both days. Keep an eye on our promo codes and deal alerts for updates as the days get closer.
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