If you’re a student, you’re eligible for discounts on all kinds of things—food, clothes, laptops, textbooks, movie tickets and more. But did you know that you’re also eligible for student discounts on travel, too? Here’s some of the best ways to save on travel as a student. 



Sure, trains may not be the fastest mode of transportation, but you can get a discount on select Amtrak routes with their student pass. If you want a scenic ride to and from school, or for spring break or just want a change of scenery for a weekend trip, these Amtrak student discounts will give you a bit off your next rail journey. 

Eurail Pass 


Heading to Europe soon? If you’re studying abroad, doing a long backpacking trip or just planning on seeing multiple countries during your trip, a Eurail pass can save you a ton on train travel between and within countries. A Eurail pass allows you to ride as many trains as you want for a set amount of days during a certain period of time—for example, 4 days of train travel within a month, or 10 days of travel within 2 months, etc. You can choose the pass that meets your needs, and save up to 25% off with Eurail student and youth discounts



Of course, you can get student discounts on every flight you buy with StudentUniverse. If you’re between the ages of 18-26 or have a valid .edu email address, you can get discounts on flights back and forth from school, for study abroad or whenever and wherever you need to go with StudentUniverse’s travel discounts. Not seeing any discounts for the route you need? Check out available promo codes for even more savings. These discounts are for both domestic and international flights, too! 


Unidays is a great resource for everything student discount related in college! From food to clothes, tech to makeup, software to shoes and basically everything in between, Unidays has a roundup of all your favorite brands and exclusive student discounts you can get. This includes travel brands, group trips, travel gear, hotels and more. Just sign up for a free account with your .edu email address and start unlocking discounts. 



While HostelWorld doesn’t offer any specific student travel discounts, you can save hundreds of dollars on accommodations, making it easier to travel on a budget. Whether you’re backpacking through Europe or Southeast Asia and need to stretch your budget out for months or just want a cheap place to stay while taking a weekend trip, HostelWorld will help you find all the best and cheapest hostels wherever you’re going. Plus, you can read tons of reviews from other travelers to avoid getting stuck in a hostel that doesn’t work for you. 


Contiki plans and operates group trips for travelers ages 18-35, so you can have the adventure of a lifetime with new friends, local guides and no planning! If you want to see the world without the stress of figuring out all the logistics, Contiki offers options for you. From short mini adventures that last just a few days to longer adventures lasting weeks, there’s something for everyone—and students can get discounts through services like Unidays or even directly through Contiki



Need to rent a car, ASAP? Many universities around the US partner with Zipcar, a service that allows students to rent cars “on demand,” typically for much less than a traditional rental car and for shorter periods! Need a car for just a few hours to make a froyo run with your friends? Heading to the beach or going hiking for the afternoon? Rent the cars for just a few hours, or as long as you need. Anyone 18+ can use the service, and cars are typically kept on campus. Even better, gas and insurance are included—no extra fees! 

Your student ID card

Finally, if you have a student ID card, it’s good for more than just swiping into the cafeteria! Your ID card can snag you student discounts around the world. From museums to restaurants to tours and activities to clothes stores, train tickets, public transportation and more, it never hurts to ask if there’s a student discount available. Many places offer a discount if you can show a valid student ID! 

Ready to cure your wanderlust with some cheap flights? Get student discounts on international and domestic flights and start planning your next trip!