Seeing as you’ve made it to this blog post, I’d guess it’s safe to assume you love traveling – but is your phone ready for your travels? We break down the best student travel apps for all your needs that you should download right now. These apps are perf for everything from planning, booking, and doing.


Logo for the student travel app Headout which has a purple background and a blimp design.

What’s it for? Planning and booking

Headout is your new bestie for finding things to do. The app is filled with deals on activities for you to do. It also allows you to search by area, making it great both for planning out your trip itinerary ahead of time and for in the moment ideas during your trip.


StudentUniverse's logo on a blue background.

What’s it for? Booking

Did you know that if you’ve got the StudentUniverse app on your phone you can actually save even more money? Besides all our other awesome app features (hello flexible search tool and easy-to-access trip details!), you’ll also get access to real time price drop alerts specific to the places you’re shopping for AND special discounts exclusive to our app during sales!


Green and grey triangular background with the envelope design and name for the student travel app Splitwise.

What’s it for? Doing

I’m going to be real with you. This is one you’ve got to download regardless of any travel plans you do or do not have planned. Essentially the app lets you and your buddies put in all the purchases you’ve made for the group, totaling it all up for you, and dividing the amount each person owes each person. This will be saving you a lot of back and forth venmoing.


White background and orange butterfly design for the app Wanderlog, which is one of the best student travel apps.

What’s it for? Planning

Perfect for the person that likes to plan out the trip to the minute far in advance. Wanderlog lets you craft that perfect itinerary. You can import flight and hotel reservations to keep all your info in one place. If you’re roadtripping, you can see the best (gas $$ saving) routes. They offer place recommendations for what to see and do. And you can even maintain your trip’s budget and add friends in to collaborate in real time together on your plans.

Visit a city

Logo for the app Visit a City.

What’s it for? Planning and doing

For the besties that prefer to do less of the work when it comes to planning the trip, this app’s got pre-made itineraries for more than 3000 destinations that you can go through. Save your favorites, customize your personal plans, and learn from travelers who went before you. Maybe the best part? You can even access the information offline – meaning you won’t be left idealess if your service is sucky while you’re out and about exploring.

National parks trail guide

Logo for the app for the National Parks trail guide.

What’s it for? Planning and doing

If your current travel goals are focused on seeing all the great American outdoors, this is the app to get your plans together and to stay safe while you’re out there. The app gives you trail and hike descriptions, ratings, and data. They also provide info for all the related things like camping, lodging, food and drink. You can make todo lists, upload your photos, and see live maps with your active position on them (even when you lose cell signal!). In the event of an emergency the app can even help send your location out for help.

Now that you’ve got your student travel apps sorted, want more app inspo to refresh your phone? Find general ideas here, or student specific ones here.

Now with your phone ready for travel, it’s time to get booking that next adventure!