Top 5 Summer Activities

4.1.1 From hiking mountains, to scuba diving, to sitting outside tanning, individuals all have their own personal activities that remind them of summer, and all that they define it with. With the added stress of a job and just not being a kid any more, it is that much more essential to have something to look forward to at the end of the week. Without something to look forward to, you will become your job and instead of dreaming about summer all year, it will just come and go as if it wasn’t anything special, maybe even becoming a nightmare. Nobody wants that. (more…)

Get A Sample Size

venice_nicholas-mayWhile studying abroad is something college students dream about, some schools offer two week courses abroad in either the winter or summer that give you a sample size of the complete experience individuals get in either a fall or spring semester.

I attend Bryant University, and they offer Sophomore International Experience (SIE), a roughly 2 week long trip that counts as a 3 credit course, giving the experience of a foreign culture, while also displaying the global environment of education. I have had countless friends who have gone on this trip, and almost all of them ended up studying abroad in their junior year. For many of my friends, it was their first time traveling outside the country, and was an eye opening experience for them, and was the reason they committed to going abroad for a full semester. (more…)

Travel Baby Steps

Unlike most other student bloggers, I have never traveled outside the country.

A foreign trip for me is leaving NewNew York City England, something I have only done three times. This is partially due the costly expense required, but also due to severe food allergies that may be difficult for people to fully understand in another country, where English is not the main dialect. So unlike others traveling across Earth for spring break, I will be visiting my brother in Manhattan, a 4 hour ride on the Peter Pan bus line away. (more…)