Destinations to match your Chinese astrological sign

Chinese New Year Featured Article - 2014 Destinations to match your Chinese astrological sign

For thousands of years, Chinese people count 12 years as a cycle. They utilize 12 animals to represent 12 years. These animals are called “Shengxiao(生肖)”. Chinese believe people with the same Shengxiao share similar personalities. This theory is still very popular in China today, and awareness is increasing around the rest of the world. With the Chinese new year coming, we would love to recommend 12 destinations based off of your Shengxiao. Check out your destination for 2014!


Years: 1960 | 1972 | 1984 | 1996 | 2008

Mouse people’s personality is believed to be soft. They are agile and love to utilize intuition when making decisions. They are very romantic and always hope to have romantic love stories happen to them.Paris, the most romantic place in the world, is your perfect place for 2014!

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Years: 1961 | 1973 | 1985 | 1997 | 2009

Ox people are realists at heart and persistent by nature. They are usually diligent and do not spend much time on romance. If your significant other is an Ox, you might find them working hard and focused on their finances. The best place for Ox in 2014 is Chengdu - a central city in China and hometown of Panda bear! With a lower cost of living, you can definitely enjoy the best foods and spots with a completely different culture.

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Years: 1962 | 1974 | 1986 | 1998 | 2010

Tigers are ambitious. They are always looking for an adventure that brings challenges and risks. They value exploration and are go-getters. You’ll rarely find a Tiger person who loves to just stay at home and daydream. We would recommend Utah state in the U.S.A for Tigers since there are a lot of national parks waiting for your exploration. Arches National Park, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands, Capitol Reef, and Zion to name a few.

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Years: 1963 | 1975 | 1987 | 1999 | 2011

Rabbit people are elegant. They are always positive and love the life of freedom. They are always on top of the latest trends, especially in the fields of entertainment, travel and fashion. The increasingly popular destination Palawan in the Philippines is what we recommend for Rabbits in 2014!

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Years: 1964 | 1976 | 1988 | 2000 | 2012

Dragons best represent enthusiasm. They might be cool or cold at first, but they definitely own a heart of heroism. Dragons would like to pay less time on the road since they are always looking forward to seeing their end destination ASAP. To shorten your transportation time and make the trip as straightforward as possible, we recommend Cancun. Enjoy the bright sunshine right after landing. No visa requirements for those who hold valid US passports and visas.

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Years: 1965 | 1977 | 1989 | 2001 | 2013

Snake people are mysterious, just like the animal themselves. They are intelligent and thoughtful. Snakes have great taste with art and design, which leads to our recommendation of Italy. The origin of the Renaissance would bring Snakes great enjoyment of the fine arts.

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Years: 1966 | 1978 | 1990 | 2002 | 2014

Horses are forthright, lively, decisive and persuasive. They are good leaders since they can always win others’ trust. They are also excellent candidates for professional artists. They have huge hearts and don’t like to be tied down, just like a real horse. For a horse, there is no better place than Puerto Rico. Silver sands, endless blue sea and sky is THE place for them.

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Years: 1967 | 1979 | 1991 | 2003 | 2015

Sheeps are very sentimental and care deeply about other people. Affection plays an important role in their lives. They are meek, but also persistent. Once they make a decision, they can’t be stopped by anybody. We recommend sheeps go to Hawaii. People there will bring you nothing but delight and relaxation!

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Years:1968 | 1980| 1992 | 2004

Monkeys are humorous, open-minded and are great at social networking. They are always the most popular in the crowd. Many Monkey people work in the entertainment industry. Maybe because they really know how to stand out in a crowd! For 2014, the place for Monkey is Los Angeles. This is the place you’ll often meet superstars and talent scouts!

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Years:1969 | 1981 | 1993 | 2005

Rooster people love expressing their own ideas, but also care deeply about others. They are gentle and cautious and also love trendy things. In terms of travel, they love the luxury and leisure experience instead of energy-consuming adventures. We highly recommend Dubai as your 2014 destination. That’s the place that you can take a full rest and refresh yourself.

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Years: 1970 | 1982 | 1994 | 2006

Dog people are of full integrity and loyalty. They know what they should do in every aspect of life and are always the model for his or her friends. Dog people never pretend to like you if they don’t. If they love you, it’s forever as they are extremely loyal people. The place for you in 2014 is Orlando, Florida. That would be the best place for you and your beloved!

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Years: 1971 | 1983 | 1995 | 2007

Pig people are broad-minded and full of emotion. They don’t express their affection very often and tend to hide their strong emotions deep inside. Ancient “Shengxiao” theory believes that pig people are most likely to be wealthy, probably because pig is the symbol of richness in Chinese culture. Bring your luck and fortune to Las Vegas in 2014. Try to earn more!

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