Melbourne Study Abroad

Take a language class while you’re here. There are classes in many different languages, since Melbourne is a multi-cultural city.

Located at the head of Port Phillip Bay, Melbourne is a multi-cultural cosmopolitan hub. Melbourne is the second largest city in Australia and the capital of Victoria. This cultural capital is full of museums, parks, galleries, and theaters. There is also a large ethnic population including those from Greece, Italy, and Vietnam. This is only part of what makes Melbourne such a popular study abroad city. Thousands of students every year come here to learn about their studies and the world from a different perspective and gain insight to how the rest of the world views things. What better place to spend a few months then in the temperate climate and stimulating city of Melbourne?

Things to do in Melbourne

The city center is what attracts most visitors. You will be spending a lot of time around here if you study abroad. This is also where people take friends and family who visit during the semester. Visit New Quay, Docklands, and Federation Square. Eureka Tower is the tallest building in the city and has a great panoramic view. The Parliament House of Victoria is still running and open for tours on weekdays. Fitzroy has a lot of shops, cafes, and bars. There are many nice things to see while in this part of the city as well. Football and cricket are the popular sports. Catch an AFL game during the winter.

Nightlife in Melbourne

Southgate has many bars and nightlife. The city center is also littered with bars and active nightlife. Many restaurants transform in a matter of minutes into some of the most wild nightlife in the city. While clubs are not as prominent here, the bar scene is a lot of fun. Consider taking a pub crawl at some point during your semester here. The scene starts getting busy a little after 11pm. It goes well into the wee hours of the morning.

Colleges and Classes in Melbourne

Take a language class while you’re here. There are classes in many different languages, since Melbourne is a multi-cultural city. Melbourne offers colleges with classes in a variety of subjects. Most all majors have a chance to come here to learn. When choosing which school to study at you might want to check with your home school first to see what schools they will accept credits from. Many colleges and universities in the United States have relationships with schools around the world and can work with those schools. This helps make the transferring of credits a lot easier on both ends.

Travel From Melbourne

There are a lot of great day trips from the city. Carlton is right next door and you can visit the Royal Gardens and museum. There is a strong Italian influence. You might consider having some great Italian food for dinner. Parkville houses the famous Melbourne zoo. In nice weather come for a picnic and enjoy entertainment by some of the coolest animals in the kingdom. Go to St. Kilda for the beach. Pick a nice sunny day to go with your friends to soak up some sun rays. Luna Park and the Pier are here. The Esplanade is where you can go for a nice walk of people watching. South Yarra has a nice Royal Botanical Garden that is worth the visit.

Melbourne Study Abroad Tips

  • Book spring break tickets well in advance.
  • The red light district should be avoided late at night.
  • Keep small purses and wallets in your front pocket in large crowds to avoid pickpocketing.