Travel to Asia

Embark on a budget backpacking trip or stomp through Asia like Ghengis Khan

Whether you are exploring history along the old Silk Road or having a hippie good time on an island in Thailand, Asia has an amazing spectrum of cultures to offer a discount travel junkie. Plan ahead, don't be afraid to bargain for a room, and follow the locals' lead for dining. You will have an exotic adventure at a price that doesn't break your small travel budget.

Choosing a single travel destination in the vast array of countries that compose Asia is next to impossible. Budget travelers might feel overwhelmed by the opportunities available for discount travel. Try to focus on what you want to achieve during your trip. Do you prefer a happy hippie trail through Southeast Asia or to travel through time on the old Silk Road? Time, desire and your travel budget only limit the possibilities. With a proper planning, all of Asia can be yours.

Thailand, Vietnam, and the rest of Southeast Asia have been popular budget travel destinations for years. This means there are plenty of guesthouses and budget hotels competing for your travel dollars. Cheap food, fabulous temples and discount travel offers make planning an inexpensive trip to Southeast Asia a fairly simple undertaking. Unfortunately, with so many other likeminded visitors, it is hard to get off the beaten track and get a true taste of the culture of each country.

Seeking less touristy terrain will lead you to old Silk Road countries like Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan. There is no well-worn trail for discount travelers in these remote regions. Guesthouses are few and far between, but discount hotels are frequently available. It may take a bit of negotiating at the front desk to avoid paying the tourist price for a room. Being friendly, but firm is usually the best strategy.

Be sure to research acquiring a visa for each country you intend to visit. It may be cheaper to buy a visa at the border, but also more of a hassle. If you are a discount traveler with lots of time, but a tiny travel budget, spending half a day acquiring a visa may be worth the wait as far as savings. Some visas need to be purchased in advance.