Tips for Chinese Students - American Phrases

When you travel to the United States for school, you'll notice there are a few phrases used throughout America that might be confusing. We take for granted that most people in the US know "slang" but when you're immersed in a new culture, these often are difficult to understand. Here are a few phrases to get your started and help you understand what fellow classmates mean.


American Student Phrases  美国学生常用口语

  1. Talk to ya later!
    朋友之间常用到的一句话。在说Bye bye/See you 之前可以跟同学说 “Talk to ya later.” 意思就是”有空要找我哦“!

  2. Thank you. I really appreciate it!

  3. Excuse me. Sorry.
    如果不小心撞到人,人们最常见的第一反应就是说”不好意思”,不管错在谁。如果是他的失误, 他可能会再强调一下是他sorry.,这时你如果没什么大碍就可以说it's okay, 或者you’re fine, 或者no problem.

  4. To pull an all-nighter
    就是”熬通宵”的意思。很多学生都起码有过一两次”pull all-nighter“的经历,特别是在final weeks(学期结束前紧张地复习和考试的那几周)。 如果你最近很多考试,问问你的朋友有没有pulled an all-nighter吧!

  5. Sounds good
    等于Okay,表示你对别人的话或意见表示赞同。比如,有朋友问你周六要不要一起出去玩,而你非常愿意,就可以说sounds good.

  6. Catch up
    好久不见,我们聚一聚吧 (Let's catch up)。

  7. You might want to
    就是you should…的意思,这样表达更含蓄,不会让人觉得你很强势。

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