Work Abroad FAQ for Parents

What is living and working abroad all about?

The United States has reciprocal agreements with countries around the world to issue Working Holiday Visas to young adults that allows them to work for up to a year. Hundreds of thousands of young people around the world participate in work abroad programs, and we’re thrilled your child is interested in working in another country. This is a great once in a lifetime opportunity for them to gain real world experience that will benefit their resume and best yet, they get paid while working abroad, gaining an experience in a new culture.

Where can my child work abroad?

US citizens can currently work abroad using the Working Holiday Visa in Australia, New Zealand, and Ireland. Working holiday arrangements are also in place in South Korea and Singapore – StudentUniverse does not currently offer those programs, but keep an eye on the website for new programs throughout the year.

What are the requirements to live and work abroad?

For all programs the student must be:

  • between 18-30 in age
  • a US citizen
  • High School Graduate (must have diploma or equivalent)
  • of good character
For the Ireland work abroad program, you need to be a full time student in higher education, or a recent graduate.

Are the flights included?

Flights are not included with your work abroad program fee, however your StudentUniverse travel services team member can provide a competitive discounted student flight quote.

How long do the student work visas last?

For Australia and New Zealand, the student work visa lasts one year. For Ireland, you have the option of a four-month or one-year visa. StudentUniverse can assist with the visa process – it is very straightforward and we’re here to help.

Can my child interview for the job before they leave the US?

Absolutely! Our Work Abroad Pro package is perfect for people who want to secure a job while they are still in the United States. Currently, we are able to offer this service to people interested in the following fields: hospitality, customer service, labor/construction and gardening/landscaping.

Work Abroad and Work Abroad Plus employers will want to meet with you face-to-face while you are in country. Moving overseas without a firm employment offer may seem frightening, but the reality is that thousands of young people participate in working holiday schemes around the world each year, and companies build in positions to attract this audience.

What work abroad jobs are available?

Jobs are plentiful in Australia and are very similar to what would be considered “summer jobs” in America. Participants work in all thinkable industries: sales and marketing, hospitality, accounting, carpentry and labor, customer service, retail, landscaping and gardening, office support – the visa doesn’t limit the areas they can work in.

What is the pay like?

Your child will be covered by all local labor laws. For example, they will benefit from Australia’s generous minimum wage – currently $16.87/hr. Most participants in Australia earn between $20-$23/hr – as a result this program is very popular with parents!

What if they can't find a job overseas?

Our work abroad job teams around the world will do everything possible to help find a job for your student. If they are willing to put in the effort to set up interviews and are flexible with the type of work they’re willing to do, they will be working in no time.

Where will my student live while working abroad?

Each program includes either five or seven nights accommodation in a centrally located hostel. These have been selected due to their excellent reviews and have been vetted for safety. Following this, our in-country teams will assist your child with securing longer term accommodation. For Australia, we can assist with this process while they are still in the States.

What happens to taxes while they are away?

Our job teams will work with your student to obtain a tax consultation before their return home. The vast majority of people end up with a sizable tax refund - a nice way to do some traveling on the way back to the States!