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I. Reservations:

The Arcadia University College of Global Studies partners with StudentUniverse to assist our participating students in finding the most convenient routes and the most affordable prices for your overseas travel.

There is not a group flight organized for your study abroad program. You will be required to book your flight independently. Please only book this flight after you are accepted to your program. Please refer to your program calendar online or contact Arcadia staff if you have any questions prior to booking your flight.

II. Arriving Flights:

In order to be eligible for transportation arranged by Arcadia in-country staff from Santiago you must do the following:

  • Book a flight that arrives prior to or no later than 11:00am on the scheduled arrival date for your program. Arcadia staff will arrive to meet students for the 11:00am arrival time.
  • Provide Arcadia with a confirmed flight itinerary and indicate whether you would like to be included in transportation from the airport.

III. Please Note:

In the event that your flight is delayed or you choose to arrive after the designated arrival time, you will be responsible for traveling independently from the airport to the orientation site.

Finally, please review all of the rules and regulations that apply to your ticket prior to purchase.

Remember, send a confirmed copy of your flight itinerary to Rich Conroy ( at Arcadia. Happy Travels!

IV. Additional Discount:

StudentUniverse and Arcadia are offering an additional discount on your ticket. Enter promo code AU2015 on line prior to entering your credit card. Discount for Arcadia students

  • promo code AU2015
  • $15 off base price $500 or more
  • $25 off base price $750 or more
  • *Base price does not include additional taxes
  • *Valid for purchases up to December 31, 2015.
  • *Valid for international travel/one use per customer