Who is StudentUniverse?

StudentUniverse empowers young adults to experience the world with discount travel. For students and those under 26, our discounted flights, hotels and tours make it affordable to travel anywhere you want to go. Although we specialize in student and youth discounts, many of our deals and promo codes apply for all ages.


How does StudentUniverse work?

Step 1 - Search for exclusive flight discounts with over 200 airlines and compare deals. We get special discounts from the airlines just for students, so you can get the best deals no matter where you’re headed.


Step 2 - Become a member (for FREE) and unlock our best prices and fares. Want to save even more? Check out our promo codes for additional savings!


Step 3 - Book a super cheap flight with our student and youth discounts, then start getting ready for an amazing trip!

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