Things to Do in London

London is a fantastic city for Study Abroad, a fun Spring Break, or summer vacation. Look out for Things to do in London and make it a trip of a lifetime!

London is a fantastic city for Study Abroad, a fun Spring Break, or summer vacation. It’s got it all!

With a bit of walking and some Tube-hopping you can easily hit London’s famous landmarks from the London Bridge to Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London, Trafalgar Square and Kensington Palace. Tour Roman London starting at Guildhall Yard, or take the Tate to Tate Boat on the Thames river and visit the Tate Britain museum, the Tate Modern, and the huge London Eye ferris wheel with a view for miles around.

Want trendy bars and traditional British pubs? London has those, too. There are awesome flea markets selling all sorts of quirky wares and clothing, and plenty of shopping to suit student budgets.

If literature lights you up, the Chelsea area alone was home to legendary writers like Oscar Wilde, George Eliot, Henry James and Jonathan Swift.

There are many cheap hostels and budget rooms in London to stay in before and after your Study Abroad program. And don’t forget, London is the hub for reduced airfare to Europe and cheap flights to Asia.

Piccadilly Circus and Covert Garden are famously frenetic. Brush up on your Shakespeare with a visit to the Rose Theatre, built all the way back in 1587! It’s where Shakespeare’s first productions delighted their audiences.

Don’t miss the legendary British Museum for the Elgin Marbles and assorted unbeatable rotating exhibits. Its fantastic sunlit covered courtyard was designed by renowned British architect Sir Norman Foster.

If you like a bit of mystery, the Sherlock Holmes Museum and walking tour are also great weekend fun. Visit the popular hilltop park Hampstead Heath for some country air in the midst of the city, and enjoy the sweeping view of London and environs. There’s also nice strolling on the Thames Valley path.