Travel to South America

From Argentina to Venezuela, there are plenty of options for tight budget travel

Giant statue of Jesus Christ looks over Rio De Janeiro

Grabbing a cheap flight to South America will open the door to numerous adventures in a variety of countries. Budget travelers should not shy away from heading to the Southern Hemisphere for some inexpensive travel fun. With numerous countries from which to choose, it's hard to focus on the best that South America has to offer.

  1. Tango your heart out with a visit to Argentina.

  2. There's a lot more to do in this southernmost country besides learn the dance of love. Consider staying on a ranch and riding with working gauchos (cowboys) for a few days. It's a lot cheaper than trying to recreate the old west experience in the United States.

  3. Party hard in Brazil

  4. The country is best known for tiny bikinis and the raucous celebration of carnival in early February. But don't be fooled - the party lasts year long! Rio de Janeiro and other larger cities become flooded with exuberant partygoers. Budget hotels book up months in advance and even the more expensive hotels are filled to capacity. Bring some sleeping bags and a lot of friends, then go in for one room and divide the expense amongst you.

  5. Visit old civilizations

  6. Many vigorous travelers have followed the Incas trail to the famed ruins of Machu Picchu in Peru for hundreds of years. In recent times, getting to this ancient treasure has become increasingly easy with a train available as a substitute for a large portion of this substantial hike. Most budget travelers will want to opt for the traditional climb, which is less expensive and allows for some breathtaking views along the way.

  7. Eat till you drop!

  8. South America is a carnivore's delight where succulent beef is plentiful and cheap. Vegetarians may have a bit more difficulty in quelling their hunger, but local markets and grocery stores will provide a fair variety of fresh breads and vegetables. An added bonus of shopping at a market instead of dinning out is the savings crucial for budget travel.

Whether you decide to dance up a storm on the streets of Rio or give your lungs a work out on the Inca trail, a trip to South America can be done economically with a little planning. Cheap flights, sharing budget hotel rooms and buying your food in the market place are the basis for an in expensive trip to the Latin continent.