How to Take Travel Pics Like a Pro

When you're traveling it is important to capture all the moments you can. To do so you may want to check out these pointers on becoming a great photographer.

Taking decent photographs while you are traveling isn’t as hard as it seems. Even with a pretty basic camera, with a few technique tips you can turn your regular amateur photos into professional looking ones!

  • Simplify your photography; elminate the junk and focus on the the big picture.
  • Get as close as you can to the object you are snapping, to make the use of your pixels.
  • Remember the law of thirds: a photograph has life when the object is placed on a line splitting the picture into 1/3 and 2/3 dimensions in either direction (not centered).
  • Look for patterns and diagonals.
  • Frame the object with something naturally around it, such as an opening of trees or a wall.
  • Avoid white skies- they take away from the true object of the photograph.
  • Try and have the source of light being behind you (the photographer).
  • Use of color and symmetry.
  • Take photos from a different perspective or point of view.
  • Capture the true size of something by including something of another size in the picture (like a person with a cathedral door or in front of a large monument).