How to Sleep in an Airport

Tips for how to handle unexpected flight delays or cancellations

When traveling, you never know if a sudden or random weather pattern might emerge, or if your airplane needs some last minute repairs, causing your flight to be delayed or canceled. In any case, when traveling by plane, there is a chance you could end up being forced to sleep in an airport.

Here are some tips to help you deal:

  • Be prepared with some necessities: snacks, water, airline pillow, blanket, an extra set of clothes, headphones, book, and possibly a cheap inflatable pool raft (to sleep more comfortably)
  • Find a good spot to plant yourself for the night. Stay away from very crowded areas, dark spots, and dirty areas near the trash. You want to find somewhere relatively quiet and clean with few people.
  • Arrival lounges are usually more comfortable than departure lounges
  • Bring something to entertain yourself in case you can;t sleep
  • Dress in comfortable clothing, and wear a few extra layers. This way you will be prepared for any temperature changes.
  • If anyone approaches you looking for money, either try and ignore them or be very polite and innocent when telling them no.