Great Food on Budget Prices

Traveling in France is a foodie backpacker's dream.

Many backpackers, students and budget tourists let price be a hindrance to European travel and exploring the wonderful world of French cuisine. If you know your budget, focus on finding a cheap flight, economize where you can and splurge only sparingly, a trip to France can be a delight to all your senses, especially your taste buds.

Love great food, but forced to stick with budget prices? Traveling in France is a foodie backpacker's dream. You don't have to be a Rockefeller to tantalize your taste buds during this trip to Europe. With pastry shops around every corner and cheap cafes on almost every block, discount travel junkies can let their noses be their guides on an inexpensive trip to France.

To start the day off right, many discount hotels include breakfast. Fresh bread, flavorful coffee, and pots of hot chocolate put even the leanest of travelers in a good mood. Ask at the front desk of the hotel for what's on the menu.

Desperate to splurge on a fancy meal but can't justify the expense? Slip a few golden croissants into your backpack at breakfast. Save money by having this tasty snack for lunch. Then, for dinner, splash out a little in a restaurant specializing in haute cuisine. Most establishments will post a menu with prices outside the front door, so a discount travel foodie can be prepared and budget accordingly.

Sampling a variety of regional cheeses purchased at the local grocers can be a wonderful indulgence, but also an inexpensive treat. Add a loaf of bread and a reasonably priced bottle of champagne to your shopping list and you're living the life of a king.