Explore Sydney Like a Local

If you've ever wanted to travel to Sydney, there's no other way to do it than to travel like a local.

If you've ever wanted to travel to Sydney, there's no other way to do it than to travel like a local. Of course there are the top spots that any tourist knows about, but in this travel guide, we're bringing you exclusive information on what to see when you visit Sydney, Australia.

A few notable events and locations that you don't want to miss are:

  1. Sydney's Big Day Out, which features tons of well-know bands and singers, is something you definitely want to participate in.
  2. Sydney Mardi Gras has been going strong for 35 years and will provide visitors with a parade full of creativity, diversity, color and pure entertainment.
  3. New Year's Eve events, fireworks and other events on Sydney Harbour.
  4. Jam-packed calendar of world-class concerts and events such as the nightlife hubs of Glebe and Darlinghurst and endless list of great pubs, restaurants, markets and shops.
  5. The beauty of Sydney Harbour and national parks that surrounded on all sides by ocean, rivers and thickly forested valleys and hills.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb

Beyond notable events, one thing many tourists don't get to do and should 100% be on your list of "must-do's" is scaling one of Australia’s best-loved icons, The Sydney Harbour Bridge. This truly incredible experience allows you to witness the fascinating underbelly, its majestic arch, and incredible 440 foot high summit. BridgeClimb Sydney offers you the chance to truly immerse yourself in the spirit of Sydney.

Mitch is a BridgeClimb Climb Leader and he loves it! “I think my favorite Bridge fact is that the Bridge can hold 40,000 tons of weight on top of itself. This would be the same as the weight of 4 Eiffel Towers or 11,429 endangered white rhinos.” Mitch and other local Climb Leaders share an unexpected perspective of the Bridge and tell you interesting and often quite hilarious stories about its part in Sydney’s story. From dawn until dusk, urban Sydney is full of surprises.

Choose a time to climb (Dawn, Day, Twilight or Night), then which type of climb:
The Bridge Climb, The Discovery Climb, and The Express Climb.

Mitch’s favorite? “The Express Climb is absolutely insane. We literally carve our way up through the steel which is a very cathedral like experience to the very top of the bridge. It’s here where we get this overwhelming feel of what Sydney looks like from 440 feet above. And I think to truly appreciate Sydney and what it looks like to us Climb Leaders, you need to see it from the top. Come to my ‘office’ and see for yourself.”

Sydney Beaches & Surfing

Sydney has over 38 beaches to explore, but the one beach you shouldn’t miss is world famous Bondi Beach located just 20 minutes from downtown.

Meet Tim, a Bondi local and Level 1 Surf Coach with Let’s Go Surfing at Bondi Beach. Tim says he surfs because, ‘there’s nowhere else I’d rather be.’ He loves his job and is verrrrry good at what he does. Yeah, that’s who you want to teach you to surf. Check out this great video that shows a surfing lesson with Tim.

A lesson with Tim (or Craig, or Brenda or Julie…) at Let’s Go Surfing is an exhilarating way to experience Bondi Beach. You have such a great time you don’t notice that all your muscles are working at the same time! Whether it’s just surfboard hire, a private or group lesson, a coastal surfing tour or a learn-to-instruct course, this is a great way to experience Australia’s laid back beach lifestyle.

Let’s Go Surfing teaches you how to read the surf conditions and the fundamentals that will have you standing up on a board and riding waves in no time – just like a local!