Study Abroad 2014: Top Cities to Visit in Eastern Europe

Sure there are many popular destinations in Western Europe, but that doesn't mean that travelers can't enjoy Eastern Europe as well.

Sure there are many popular destinations in Western Europe, but that doesn't mean that travelers can't enjoy Eastern Europe as well. Listed below are the top 5 Eastern European destinations. Remember, keep your eyes and mind open to all experiences because Europe has a culture and uniqueness unlike anywhere else. Enjoy!

  1. Prague, Czech Republic - Since the fall of the Iron Curtain, Prague has become a popular tourist destination and with beer priced at only $1.49 per pint, no one is surprised. If you happen to be in the area in May, be sure to check out the Czech Beer Festival. This 17-day festival is the biggest event in all of Czech Republic. Aside from the alcohol, Prague also has wonderful architecture to offer the sightseers and for the foodies, there are hundreds of restaurants to enjoy the local cuisine.

  2. Bratislava, Slovakia - Next on our list is Slovakia's largest city and capital, Bratislava. Bratislava may ring a bell because other than being a top spot on our Eastern Europe destination list, it was also on the itinerary of Scotty Thomas from the 2004 hit, Eurotrip. You may remember the desolated city that terrified Thomas and friends, but don't be deceived! Bratislava has plenty to offer as it is a great destination for festivals, wining, and dining. Don't forget to visit the Danube River and Main Square if you get the chance.

  3. Warsaw, Poland - Warsaw is one of the largest cities in Poland and although the city had suffered a great deal during World War II, it is still a popular destination for travelers looking to go to Eastern Europe. Even though 80% of the buildings have been replaced or rebuilt, you can still capture the city's essence. The "Royal Route" is the path to take if you are looking for a history lesson combined with a walking tour. For those looking for more to see than buildings, enjoy the view by the Lazienski Park or do some souvenir shopping in the Old Town Square Market. Warsaw is also home to several cemeteries and museums, so be sure to take in the culture and the city's history.

  4. Budapest, Hungary - This youthful atmosphere is yet another destination to add to your itinerary. With such a low cost of living, the daily cost of your trip should alleviate the burden on your wallet. The easiest thing for you to do in Budapest is walk around, or even rent a bike. The sights to see are magnificent and you will shortly understand why Budapest is sometimes referred to as “Paris of the East.” In addition to the Viennese and Parisian inspired architecture, you will also be able to enjoy yourself in a natural thermal bath. Want something a little more upbeat? Budapest may be known for its world class classical music scene, but it is also famous for its nightlife.

  5. Dubrovnik, Croatia - Looking for a seaport destination with a nightlife that matches the delicious cuisine? Well, Croatia has the answer: Dubrovnik! Nicknamed “Pearl of the Adriatic,” you will not be disappointed with all that Dubrovnik has to offer. When making midday plans, take the sun into consideration - sometimes it can be a little overbearing. Just like any other European city, Dubrovnik has its museums, churches, and sights to see, but unique to other destinations, it has beautiful beaches and homemade fruit-flavored hard alcohol. While you are in the area and if you don’t mind the splurge, look into participating in Yacht Week with a group of friends.

For more popular travel destinations, check out what's hot in Western Europe. Have you visited an amazing Eastern European city that's not on this list? Tell us all about it in the comment box below!

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