Travel Tips for Asia

As diverse as Asia is, its size makes it tough to generalize when to go and when to stay home.

As diverse as Asia is, its size makes it tough to generalize when to go and when to stay home. By the end of this article, hopefully you will be able to gain insight on when Asia is the most affordable and the least crowded. The first thing you need to do is avoid generalizing all together. Asia is huge and just because it might not be a great time to visit Beijing, that does not necessarily mean it is a bad time to visit Bangkok. Travel patterns tend to change with the varying climates and holidays throughout the continent.

Asian climate is just about as diverse as the continent itself. Depending on the region, you may need to prepare yourself for very different climates. The southern regions are typically more tropical; whereas the northern regions are cold and mountainous.

If you don’t enjoy the four seasons, then do not plan on moving to Japan or South Korea. Perhaps China is more suitable for you. Depending on where you plan on going, the climate is more predictable. However, if you are speaking of Thailand, India, or Malaysia, expect changing seasons from hot/dry to rainy. Of course, it is important to mention the typhoon season. It is imperative to research climate patterns of your prospective destination in order to get the most out of your trip. It is always best to be prepared!

If you would like to avoid the crowds, try not to travel during holiday seasons or annual festivals. If either of these are your reason for traveling, then grit your teeth and expect long lines, automobile traffic, as well as crowded airports. Holidays can also cause stores and hotels to close, so call ahead just to double check.

It is common knowledge for any traveler that good deals are found by booking trips in advance. It is recommended to book your vacations to India, Japan, Malaysia, or South Korea three months ahead. However, if you plan on traveling to Nepal or Thailand, it would be best to book at least six months in advance.

Have an open mind and get excited to enjoy all that Asia has to offer!

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