Spring Break in Europe

Europe is where the excitement’s at when it comes to Spring Break. The unique thing about Europe is that you don’t have to stick to one country..

Spring Break in Europe

Bored of Cancún and Miami Beach? Run out of spring break ideas? Looking for an unforgettable adventure? Do something different this year—travel to Europe using our spring break deals!

Book a multi-city tour or build one yourself with cheap flights between countries. If you’re lucky enough to be studying abroad in Europe, you might have a whole month of reading days to country hop across the continent. If not, don’t worry—just plan strategically and you can easily see two or three cities in a week. Do a little research and get inspired! Here are some StudentUniverse suggestions...

  • Paris and London

    As G.K. Chesterton once said, “London is a riddle. Paris is an explanation.” Explore the bustling metropolis of London and then experience the old-school romance of Paris. These iconic cities are linked together by a quick two hour train ride. Alternatively, you could take an eight hour megabus ride for as little as $15. Either way, get ready to cross Buckingham Palace and the Eiffel Tower off your bucket list in just one Europe trip!

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  • Rome, Florence and Venice

    Travel through these three cities to get a sense of Italy’s cultural and geographic diversity. The cost of this trip could really add up, so make sure you travel smart—take advantage of our Europe travel deals, stay at hostels with other students and don’t fall for tourist traps. Start at the beautiful Venetian lagoon, and then travel to Florence, where the powerful Medici family once brunched with Leonardo da Vinci. Finish in Rome, a hotspot for any history buff, art lover, party animal or foodie. What better way to end your spring break than sipping on a glass of house wine, watching the sunset over Ancient Roman ruins?

  • Switzerland and Germany

    Your spring break should have a little bit of everything: nature, history and a modern city. Experience the scenery, skiing and cheese fondue of the Swiss Alps, and then take a scenic train ride up to Frankfurt. Grab a window seat to enjoy the German castles and landmarks along the way. There will be plenty to do once you reach Germany’s international business capital. Even in a couple days, you can see contemporary art at the Schirn Kunsthalle or take a free tour of the old Börse, home to one of the largest and longest running stock exchanges in Europe. Climb 324 steps up the Kaiserdom around sunset to get the perfect photo of Frankfurt’s futuristic skyline.

  • Greek Islands

    Spring break is the perfect time to get a taste of the Cyclades. Athens is one of the most famous cities in Europe, so start there. Spend as much time exploring the ancient ruins of the Acropolis as you spend on the city’s modern, artsy neighborhoods. After a couple days in Athens, a ferry will bring you to Paros, an island known for its rural villages and pristine white marble. Visit the photogenic Byzantine Church “Panagia Ekatontapyliani,” the Jesus of the Woods monastery and the Butterfly Valley. End with a bang in Mykonos, a non-stop party paradise that screams “spring break in Europe.”

  • Barcelona and Madrid

    Spain is a great destination for students on a budget, and two of its best cities (especially for backpacking Europe) are Barcelona and Madrid. Start in the capital, and make sure you’re at the El Rastro market Sunday morning! Take a siesta, eat some tapas—let yourself adapt to Spanish culture. There are plenty of Europe tour packages that offer days trips to Toledo or Segovia, but Madrid itself is full of enough historic churches, public parks and art museums to fill a few days before moving along to Barcelona. This coastal city feels like a different world entirely, with the sound of the Catalan language filling the air and Antoni Gaudí’s whimsical architecture lining the streets. Visit Park Güell for the full effect, and don’t miss out on the eclectic nightlife!