Things to Do in Peru

Lima is home to many different tropical and aquatic activities. Just a short distance from Lima are the Palomino Islands.

Peru is fantastic for gap year travel, study abroad, and volunteer and adventure travel. Can you score affordable student travel to Peru? You’ll see it’s definitely worth the journey to see ancient cities, stunning scenery, and a dynamic and important country in South America with friendly people. The main places you’ll want to hit, besides the major cities of Lima and Cuzco, are the Amazon Basin, the Central Highlands, the legendary Machu Picchu and the Inca Trail, the north coast, and the southern coast and Lake Titihaco. Lima, the capital of Peru, is a large city that couples modern mega city and islands. It is home to some of the best beaches in the world and enjoys great subtropical climate, never too warm or too cold. If you’re a history buff and enjoy learning about ancient cultures, look no further than the fascinating city of Cuzco. Located in the southern half of Peru, Cuzco is the oldest existing city in the Americas. Cuzco is filled with ancient Inca history. Student travellers will also find statues and structures built by the Spanish Empire after conquest.

Lima is home to many different tropical and aquatic activities. Just a short distance from Lima are the Palomino Islands. Cruises are available to this destination; ask for student discounts on tickets. There you can see many different forms of oceanic life such as sea lions. If you’re adventurous you could even swim with some! Do you surf? Head over to Lima’s beautiful beaches and take out your surfboard: You’re sure to find some sick waves! In the metropolitan area do some paragliding and hang-gliding. Companies like AeroXtreme and PeryFly offer day courses and gliding excursions. If you’re still feeling active then take a bike tour through Lima’s historic downtown. In Cuzco a must-see is the Main Square. Once a center of the Inca’s culture and festivities it’s now heaven to the history buff, with churches of the Cathedral and the Society of Jesus and stone structures that are still standing. The Archiepiscopal Palace is another site to see. Currently a museum of art, it was once the palace of Inca Roca. Saint Blas District in Cuzco is home to many famous artists. Narrow, cobblestoned streets weave in and out of homes with walls built long ago by the Incas. Truly breathtaking. Acllawasi, or the House of the Sun Virgins, is where the Incas used to house the most beautiful women and keep them as virgins for their entire life.