Things to Do in Japan

In Tokyo visit the temples of Asuka and the Meiji Shrine. Other best places to see are the gardens of the Imperial Palace, located in Chiyoda.

What could be cooler than study abroad in Japan? With so much to see and do, it’s an awesome place for student travel, whether you’re into the exciting city of Toyko, the coral reefs of Okinawa, or the beautiful architecture of Kyoto. Look into discount rail passes and cover the country. Japan is also a hugely popular place to teach abroad. The symbol of Japan is the beautiful mountain Mount Fuji, a dormant volcano that on clear days you can even see from Tokyo. In Kyoto it is thrilling to step back in time and observe traditional tea ceremonies, temples, shrines, and classic performances of kabuki. Savor the beauty and originality of traditional craftmaking in the city of Hokkaido at its Nibutani Ainu Culture Museum. For cutting-edge modernity, you’ve got the futuristic skyscrapers and hot trendsetting of Tokyo but also check out the outstanding electronics, anime, and manga (comics) in Osaka’s Den Den Town. Okinawa is a beach resort paradise. It is one of the few resort-type places in Japan for vacationing and this makes it very special. Being the largest island also means that there is more to do here and places to stay, eat, and explore. Sapporo, a beautiful island just north of Japan, is home to lovely greenery in the summer and even better snow in the winter. It has much to offer like parks, museums, gardens, and mountains. Come have a picnic in Sapporo, and the sample the famous beer on a brewery tour. Osaka is renowned for its down-to-earth people and its hearty cuisine. It is not hard to find youth hostels as well as top rated hotels in Japan.

In Tokyo visit the temples of Asuka and the Meiji Shrine. Other best places to see are the gardens of the Imperial Palace, located in Chiyoda. Go to Kyoto and chill before the most amazing temples: You’ll be knocked out by the beauty of Kyoto, and these temples have languid lakes reflecting their majesty. It’s a great excursion to soak up some unique history and tradition. Then visit the coral reefs of Okinawa. Check out the incredible shrine complex of Ise, in Mie Prefecture. In Hiroshima, ponder on the tragedies of the past at the Peace Memorial Park and Peace Memorial Museum, sites close to Japanese people’s hearts. For some active outdoorsy trips, go camping and boating at Maehama Beach, very popular with Japanese and located about 2 hours south of Tokyo. In Okinawa the weather is always ice so it is easy to get a good beach day. The best places to find nice sand and great waves there are Ikei Beach, Zanpa Beach, and Manzamo Beach. Here you can enjoy scuba diving and glass-bottom boat tours to admire the gorgeous coral. Visit the parks, museums, gardens, and mountains of Sapporo. The Sapporo Brewing Company offers free guided tours, noting the history of the famous Japanese beer and the brewing process. At the end of the tour you can taste all of the different beers for a small fee. Osaka offers visitors a vibrant, almost spiritual experience. Many Japanese performing arts, such as Bunraku, Kabuki, and Noh, as well as the tea ceremony and ikebana (flower arrangements), originated in Osaka.