Things to Do in Rome

Rome has a great energy, along with hundreds of historic sights to see and fun activities for students.

Rome is an amazing city for a study abroad experience and is a popular destination for student travel packages. You can also find youth hostels and budget hotels without difficulty, though in summer be sure to reserve ahead. Dubbed the Eternal City of the Seven Hills and the Vatican, Rome is the capital of Italy. Traveling to Rome is like going back in time to the story of civilization and Christianity because each quarter showcases ancient, medieval, Renaissance and Baroque historic sites. Don’t miss the Coliseum (which used to seat 60,000 spectators for gladiator fights), the Forum, and the Palatine Hill: all of which are close to each other, as well as the Pantheon or the ancient temple, Trajan’s Column and the Catacombs, to name only a few. Rome enjoys a Mediterranean climate that is most pleasant from April to June and September to October. Even if it’s rainy, go to the Pantheon to see the rain pouring inside the building. St. Peter’s Basilica, the finest, largest church in the world, is also a must-see, along with other medieval churches with 4th-century mosaic and fresco art. Visit Michelangelo’s Piazza del Campidoglio, step into magnificent squares adorned with obelisks, and view Baroque palaces. Relax in the public parks and gardens or in the modern center for shopping and dining along the Via Veneto.

Rome has a great energy, along with hundreds of historic sights to see and fun activities for students. Ask for a student discount on a tourist pass for the Coliseum, Palatine Hill, Caracalla Baths, Catacombs and other sites. Marvel at the ancient Pantheon, reminisce about the past in the Roman forum, or climb to the top of the Fori Imperiali (fort) to get a fantastic view of the city. Visit the Capitoline Museum to see classical and ancient art and sculpture, or visit any one of the many churches, feel their serenity, and enjoy their rich décor. You can attend the Summer Festival (June-September) or a variety of events of the White Night in September. Take a trip to historic Pompeii, Frascati, and Ostia Antica or to villa d’Este with its famed fountains.