Things to Do in Dublin

Dublin’s fine Georgian buildings can be seen from St Stephen’s Green – a patch of greenery right in the city center.

You don’t have to wonder why students are so attracted to the Irish brogue. With Far & Away, Circle of Friends, My Left Foot, In the Name of the Father, The Crying Game, The Commitments, and Michael Collins, everyone can name a great Hollywood movie set in Ireland. These movies depict a long history of a fighting spirit, triumph over the odds, passion for family and justice, and, of course, the importance of a well-poured pint.

Dublin personifies this frothy spirit, from the ubiquitous pints of Guinness to a tumultuous literary and historic past. The city’s creative scene has introduced countless stars to the current international music, film and literary world. From nightclubs to brewpubs, from well-trimmed gardens to posh Georgian mansions, Dublin boasts plenty of attractions for every possible interest. Students love Dublin for its great nightlife, cool atmosphere and connection to the US. You can find a cheap flight to Dublin, so what are you waiting for?

Dublin’s fine Georgian buildings can be seen from St Stephen’s Green – a patch of greenery right in the city center. Architecture buffs will want to wander through St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Trinity College. Dublin Castle and the Kilmainham Gaol will give you a good overall feel of Dublin’s importance in Irish, British, and European history. Dublin’s museums tend to be archaeological or scholarly. There’s the National Museum, with a collection of treasures dating from the Bronze Age; the National Gallery, which showcases paintings by old masters like Rembrandt, Caravaggio, and El Greco; the Heraldic Museum, for those interested in tracing their Irish roots; and the Dublin Civic Museum which contains memorabilia from the city’s past are just some of Dublin’s offerings. The James Joyce Centre combines Joyce memorabilia and Dublin history in an old townhouse, and the Irish Museum of Modern Art has work by Ireland’s most esteemed contemporary artists.

The Dublin Zoo and Zoological Gardens, located in Phoenix Park, is definitely worth a visit. Home to the famous MGM trademark lion, as well as numerous varieties of flora and fauna, the park is a relaxing place to picnic and wander.