Things to Do in Berlin

The TV tower, or Fernsehturm as it’s called in German, is a great way to see the city from above. Get a comprehensive list of things to do while to Berlin!

Berlin is the heart of Germany, the center of government, and a fascinating and exciting city. This keeps it a popular destination for study abroad experiences, student group travel, and summer vacation. There are all kinds of student travel deals and discount flights thanks to Berlin’s position in the center of Europe. Once you’re here you’ll find plenty of cheap tours to choose from, as well as awesome hostels and last minute hotel deals. Berlin has played a key role in several tragic historical events, so it’s a must for history buffs. It was the base for Hitler’s Nazi army, the battleground of the Cold War, and later divided by the Berlin Wall. Berlin remembers its past with several monuments and museums that are all worth seeing. Today students traveling to Berlin can enjoy trendy restaurants, shops, pubs, and boutiques. Berlin has great public transportation, so you’ll be able to get around the city easily. Berlin is a popular tourist destination and for many European students it is also a hot destination because of its festivals, urban charm, and the fact that it has a busy rail hub with several train stations in different parts of the city. A popular option for backpackers is to fly into Berlin, spend a few days or a week here, and then continue by train to other easily accessible European cities like Prague, Vienna, Copenhagen, and Paris. Look into cheap student flights to Berlin and get ready for good times!

If you’ve ever seen a picture of the Berlin skyline, you’ve most likely seen the tower that soars above it. The TV tower, or Fernsehturm as it’s called in German, is a great way to see the city from above. Get there on a sunny, clear day and you’ll get 25 miles’ worth of view. Needless to say the tower is a tourist attraction, so expect lines. It’ll set you back less than $10 and it’s totally worth it. If you can manage to get up in the morning you should definitely get there early to avoid the longest lines. Berlin also has world-renowned museums like the Ethnological Museum in Dahlem. The Mauermuseum (Museum of The Berlin Wall) at the historical Checkpoint Charlie is also worth visiting. Berlin does not attempt to hide the dark side of its history and if you’re interested in seeing and learning more about Nazi activity, Cold War tension, and the aftermath of World War II you should visit the following: The Memorial to the Murdered Jews, near the Brandenburg Gate, and remains of the Berlin Wall, which can be seen to the east of the city centre along the River Spree in Mühlenstraße near the Oberbaumbrücke (Oberbaum Bridge). Berlin also has two zoos and an aquarium. The Berlin Zoo, in City West near Zoo Station train station, has the largest range of species in the world! You can also visit Tierpark Berlin for another zoo, located in Friedrichsfelde. Berlin is a huge city with an extensive travel network, so arrive prepared for the best student travel experience.