Things to Do in Costa Rica

Visit Corcovado and Cano Island to see outlandish birds and the famed poison-dart frogs.

Ecotourism and relaxed sophistication are what draw hundreds of students to Costa Rica for inexpensive travel. The biodiversity and natural beauty of the country are amazing, the climate is warm and welcoming, and it’s a great place for Spring Break, Study Abroad, and vacationing. You can go surfing, hiking, snorkeling, and swimming. Have you ever seen a howler monkey or toucan in the wild? You can do it in Costa Rica! You can ride canopy lines through the rain forest (hang on tight!), which is a thrill and a half. You can also take mountain bike tours or just relax on gorgeous sandy beaches. Prices tend to be higher in Costa Rica during the dry season, December through April. To get budget hotel rooms and nice hotel deals in Costa Rica, you might wish to avoid the main touristy areas like Monteverde, Jaco, and Manuel Antonio. An inexpensive, clean hotel in Costa Rica will set you back about $20 per person per night, depending on the season. Traveling in Costa Rica is more expensive than certain other Latin American countries like Nicaragua, but a lot cheaper than other places you could go for similar beauty, culture, and great times. It’s not hard to find cheap tickets for students to Costa Rica, so let the adventure begin!

Visit Corcovado and Cano Island to see outlandish birds and the famed poison-dart frogs. (Try to avoid adventure tours that begin in the rainforest after sunrise, because animals are less active then.) There are three lagoons at Volcano Brava, definitely worth a hike. The Bahia Drake area has fantastic dolphin- and whale-watching. You can go canoeing, scuba diving, and kayaking, too. Within the capital, San Jose, there is also plenty of stuff to do. In particular visit the Museo Oro Precolombino (The Gold Museum) and the Museo Nacional. The latter museum is an actual fort used in the 1948 revolution. There are also a lot of tours of different locations in and around the city. Some notable tours go to the Butterfly Farm; there are also rafting tours near San Jose.