Things to Do in Australia

From Sydney's beautiful skyline to Brisbane's adventurous water sports! Check out the list of Things to do when in Australia from StudentUniverse.

Australia is a great choice for group travel and gap year travel: It’s exotic yet familiar (they speak English!), and you can easily head to Asia from here. This awesome land “down under” attracts students from around the world to happening cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, and Brisbane. It’s also a country with a dramatic past and fantastic natural scenery as seen at Flinders Ranges, Kakadu National Park, and the sacred rock, Uluru (a.k.a. Ayers Rock). Like the avantgarde? You’ll definitely want to visit Broome. The major city Sydney, located on Port Jackson, a waterway that runs through the harbor, is a vibrant, sunny city waiting to be explored. One of the oldest cities in Australia, it has a cosmopolitan flair. From the glistening waters of the port to the streets exploding with culture and history, student travelers love coming to Sydney. Melbourne, as the second largest city in Australia, also has a lot to offer the college traveler. The weather is always gorgeous and this cultural capital is full of museums, parks, galleries, and theaters. Brisbane, dubbed the “new world city,” knows the right combination for success: a bright attitude and a lot of fun. There are a lot of youth hostels and budget hotels in Australia, and in combination with travel deals to Asia, it’s a hit!

For the best view of Sydney go to North Sydney. From here you’ll see the beautiful skyline and all the buildings. Walk or take a bike ride across the Sydney Harbour Bridge into the main streets and into North Sydney. Spend part of a day at Darling Harbour and have a picnic along the water. Sydney Tower is the tallest building in Sydney and is open to the public. Look out over the city while standing on a transparent platform; this is also a great night activity. In Melbourne visit NewQuay, Docklands, and Federation Square. They are the number-one priorities for student travellers in Melbourne. AFL World is Melbourne’s incredible football team. If you come during the soccer season you must buy a ticket to a game. Since Brisbane is right on the water it has excellent beach and water-sport activities. In Brisbane take a short ferry to Bribie Island or the Southern Bay Islands and enjoy the stretches of gorgeous and pristine beaches. Water sports here are quite unique and a little different from home. Here you can take a student tour sand tobogganing or maybe four-wheel driving for more speed! There is also diving and snorkeling. You can even go marine watching and spot turtles, dolphins, and dugongs in the water; maybe even a whale.