Sydney’s Zoo with a View

Experience the best of native Australian wildlife without having to travel far

Ask Sydneysiders where you should go to experience the best of native Australian wildlife without having to travel far and they will unanimously tell you to jump on the ferry to the iconic Taronga Zoo

The Zoo Keeper team that look after the Australian native animals here have more than a 150 years of experience between them and twice a day they conduct a special behind-the-scenes tour called the 'Wild Australia Experience'.

Zoo Keepers such as Paul, Tim, Sam and Rob are are a witty team with stories to tell and happy to share the back of house environments. They love introducing some of their special Aussie residents to visitors each day so you can experience the native wildlife up-close and personal. Glimpse inside the kitchen where food for the animals is prepared daily and if you dare, there are meal worms for the sampling! Only joking, but there are some interesting creatures to be discovered in this special behind-the-scenes area.

It's a 'wild' way to spend a morning! The direct ferry across the harbour takes only 12 minutes and on arrival take Taronga Zoo's Sky Safari; the only cable car in Sydney and a scenic one at that! Take in one of the amazing free shows, like the Free Flight Bird Show with twice daily shows and a breathtaking backdrop of Sydney Harbour. You can also drop in on a Zoo Keeper Talk or treat yourself to an up-close animal encounter! This is the stuff thatmemories are made of.

Do you dream of being a zookeeper? Real animal lovers may want to check out their special tours. For those brave enough to conquer their fears, you can hold a snake! If you're interested in learning the most you can about the native animals, you should walk with an Aboriginal guide who will tel you all about them. They are truly special in this part of the world. Besides being a fabulous zoo, Taronga Zoo has training programs, sleepovers, and wild walks with zookeepers!

Taronga Zoo is a not-for-profit organisation that provides Sydney with a Wildlife Hospital, a training facility for zoological staff and supports more than 20 conservation programs both in Australia and around the globe. So what are you waiting for? Book a flight to Sydney!