Sydney Study Abroad

Australia is home to many colleges. While a lot of the focus is on marine biology, ecology, and international studies,

Sydney, Australia is the capital city of the southeastern Australian state of New South Wales. It is situated on Port Jackson, which is a waterway including Sydney Harbour, Middle Harbour, North Harbour, and the Lane Cove and Parramatta Rivers. You’d be surprised to know that with only 4.2 million people living here, Sydney is still the largest and most cosmopolitan city in Australia. If this gives you any indication towards the rest of the city. Although the best time to visit Australia is in the summer, the earlier fall and later spring are also quite pleasant. So need not worry if planning to study abroad here. Sydney is known to have a very temperate weather condition, with 300 sunny days during the year. Although it can rain pretty hard when it does, so just be aware. The aboriginals have their own culture altogether. They help make up what is so curious and wonderful about this country.

Things to do in Sydney

From fine dining along the beach, to catching some rays on the sand. With wonderful galleries and nature walks, adventures around every bend; Australia has much to offer the college student looking to see a new and exciting place. Three attractions in particular stand out. And people who visit Sydney often say that they are the three sites that make the whole trip worthwhile. They are the bridge, the harbour, and the house. The bridge is the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can actually climb the entire bridge and see out onto the great city. The harbour is another beauty. You can get a great view of it by the bridge, however getting down onto it there is much more beauty to it. And finally the Sydney Opera House is a majestic site and the most identifiable of the buildings in Sydney. There are also some great zoos, aquariums, and let’s not forget the amazing surfing. This is what Sydney’s all about after all.

Nightlife in Sydney

Sydney may seem at first to have a milder nightlife than say some of the other crazy cities around the globe. But make no mistake, this city is fantastic both in ambiance and hospitality when the nightlife begins. Around the harbour is where most of the excitement can be found. Bars that overlook the shimmering water of the beaches and clubs that are electrifying and alive. The other great thing about Sydney being right on the water is that the tourist companies have taken advantage of this. You can take a night booze cruise on one of their large, beautiful party boats. This is an interesting and unique way to enjoy the city.

Colleges and Classes in Sydney

Australia is home to many colleges. While a lot of the focus is on marine biology, ecology, and international studies, you can definitely find courses in all fields. Since the language is in English, most all schools are. Check with your abroad university to find out about interesting courses in the history of Australia or the native culture of the aboriginals. It can be a great way to connect with your abroad country.

Travel From Sydney

Australia as a country and continent is somewhat limited as to accessible travel to other places. Taking a flight may be the easiest way to reach your destination and StudentUniverse can certainly help you with that. Also, New Zealand, New Caladonia, and Tasmania are easily reached by boat. Many students who spend a semester here usually travel to a combination of these three. For flights, New Guinea and Indonesia are relatively close and a lot of fun.

Sydney Study Abroad Tips

  • Mini buses and local buses take you to and from the airport into the city.
  • Carry sunscreen on you because the sun here can be brutal.
  • The main language is English. However, locals have unique sayings and phrases.