Thomas Cook Airlines Student Discount

Why Thomas Cook Airlines?

Because they believe your vacation should start before you land, not after. Flying with them means starting your vacation a little early thanks to their award-winning customer service and in-flight benefits.

Features of flying Thomas Cook Airlines

Fly comfortably

The last thing anyone wants to deal with on a long flight is not having any leg room. With Thomas Cook Airlines, that won’t be a problem! Their newly refurbished fleet is complete with wider, ergonomically designed seats to give you the most comfortable flight possible.

Hungry? No problem

Plane food doesn’t exactly have the best reputation, but did you know that’s because your taste buds don’t function as well at higher altitudes? At Thomas Cook Airlines, we have designed a special menu with specific ingredients that will have you asking for seconds!

In-flight entertainment

Not just TV shows, not just movies, but thousands of music options and audio CD’s if you want to just close your eyes. Flying with Thomas Cook Airlines means you will never be bored, or run out of entertainment options.

Baggage Information

Baggage allowance depends on where you are headed, but in the meantime, you can see what free baggage options are available on Thomas Cook Airlines’ Baggage Allowance Page. And, if you need more luggage than that, booking additional baggage online is simple to do thanks to an easy booking management portal!