The Best Airlines in the World for Students and Youth Revealed

The Best Airlines in the World for Students and Youth Revealed

StudentUniverse, the world’s leading online travel agency for students and youth, has announced the winners of its 2022 Best Airlines for Students Awards, after surveying its 1m+ database of student travelers around the world.

Delta performed well among US students, taking the top spot in three of the six categories, including Best Airline for International Travel, Best Airline Service and Most Trustworthy Airline, though American Airlines stepped in to take first prize for Best Overall Airline.

It was a clean sweep for Air Canada among Canadian students. The national carrier came first in all six categories, which also included Best Airline for Domestic Travel and Best Value Airline.

Meanwhile in the UK, budget carrier easyJet won Best Overall Airline and Best Airline Service, and fellow budget carrier Ryanair took home Best Value Airline. National carrier British Airways also performed well, winning two top spots, including Most Trusted Airline. Emirates was favourite in the international category.

Australian students rewarded Virgin Australia for its strong investment in student travel, voting it number one in the Best Overall Airline, Best Value Airline and Best Airline Service categories. Qantas won in the trust and domestic fields, while Singapore Airlines scooped first prize for international travel.

StudentUniverse’s Global Managing Director Steven de Blois said: “This year we have welcomed the strong bounce back of travel, with students and youth a key group driving the recovery forward.

“It is so important that this market is not overlooked by airlines – young people travel for so many reasons, including holidays, education, work opportunities, and overseas experiences. Congratulations to all the airlines that have been recognised in this year’s awards.”

Full list of ‘2022 Best Airlines for Students Awards’


Best Airline for International Travel: Delta

Best Airline for Domestic Travel: American Airlines

Best Value Airline: American Airlines

Best Airline Service: Delta

Most Trusted Airline: Delta

Best Overall Airline: American Airlines


Best Airline for International Travel: Air Canada

Best Airline for Domestic Travel: Air Canada

Best Value Airline: Air Canada

Best Airline Service: Air Canada

Most Trusted Airline: Air Canada

Best Overall Airline: Air Canada


Best Airline for International Trave: Emirates

Best Airline for Europe Travel: British Airways

Best Value Airline: Ryanair

Best Airline Service: easyJet

Most Trusted Airline: British Airways

Best Overall Airline: easyJet 


Best for International Travel: Singapore Airlines

Best Airline for Domestic Travel: Qantas Airways

Best Value Airline: Virgin Australia

Best Airline Service: Virgin Australia

Most Trusted Airline: Qantas Airways

Best Overall Airline: Virgin Australia

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