The impact of Covid-19 on students’ plans for school and travel

The impact of Covid-19 on students’ plans for school and travel

Back in April of 2020, when the COVID-19 pandemic was just beginning, we surveyed students to see how they were being impacted. Three months later, with case counts in the United States continuing to rise, we know students are still some of the most impacted by the pandemic, especially when it comes to planning for the future. So, StudentUniverse recently sent a survey to students to understand how they are planning for the upcoming months regarding school classes and travel.

In a survey taken by approximately 2,000 students in mid-July, we learned that students continue to be resilient. While many schools are still figuring out their plans for the fall semester, 60% of students still expect some form of in-person classes to be offered and of those, 63.6% of respondents said they are planning to attend. While many have speculated that students may take a break if classes were to only be offered online, 83.2% of students said they would still plan to attend.

When asked about future travel plans, understandably, students are a little more hesitant to make plans, but they do expect to travel again soon. 65% of students with canceled trips form the pandemic still expect to be able to travel within the next year and the majority still expect their next trip to be international.

For more details on how students are planning for school and travel, compared to in April, see the infographic below:

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