Speaking on Connecting Travel Brands & Chinese Travelers at EyeforTravel

Speaking on Connecting Travel Brands & Chinese Travelers at EyeforTravel

Our Director of Marketing, Rebecca Heidgerd, attended the EyeForTravel North America Conference last week. This travel conference looks at the day-to-day challenges facing travel professionals right now. This year’s theme was “Win the Customer. Own the Booking” and spotlighted ways to drive loyalty in a digital and data-driven world.

Rebecca was part of a panel at the conference entitled, “Effectively Connect Travel Brands with Chinese Travelers,” which examined the strategies travelers should adopt in connecting Chinese travelers, how adtech platforms can be used as an effective tool for travel brands to be successful in the Chinese market, launching compelling, multi-channel re-targeting and prospecting campaigns and understanding your audience at specific phases of booking through organizing customer data.

Given that Chinese students make up 31% of our total travelers and is a segment that only continues to grow, we had plenty to discuss relative to destinations that are hot amongst this audience (US domestic travel up 21% YoY and US to Caribbean travel up 63% YoY), an increased sense of adventure travel amongst Chinese travelers (specifically to destinations that don’t require an additional visa) and an interest in premium cabins (premium economy, business class and first class seats) given the amenities that come with flying in premium cabins. Chinese students aren’t generally as budget-conscious as other travelers, as long as they feel they are getting a good value for what they are spending.

Thanks to the fellow panelists for joining this discussion – Sara Ye from iPinYou, Kelvin Liao from Xiamen Air and our moderator Steve Pinchuk from IBM.

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