Students and Faculty Can Now Fly Cheaper with Norwegian Air

Today we are proud to announce an extension of our partnership with Norwegian Air. Norwegian is the second largest airline in Scandinavia and the third largest low-cost airline in Europe. Named “the world’s best low-cost, long haul airline” and “Europe’s best low-cost airline” by Skytrax, the European carrier now offers discounted airfare to students and faculty booking on The program applies for not only their transatlantic routes, but also their intra-Europe and Europe-Asia routes as well.

Norwegian Air flight discounts for students - StudentUniverse

Norwegian Air operates 424 routes to 130 destinations in 40 countries, including: Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, Thailand and the US. Norwegian is the first low-cost carrier to fly nonstop between the US and Scandinavia. From the United States, Norwegian Air flies out of Baltimore, Boston, Orlando, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, San Juan and St. Croix. Norwegian Air flies direct to a number of destinations, including locations in Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, Croatia, Sweden, Finland, France, Italy and Poland.

Norwegian Air flight discounts for students - StudentUniverse

Norwegian is the first airline to offer high-speed broadband and video on-demand (allowing passengers to rent movies and TV-shows directly onto their personal device utilizing on-board aircraft  WiFi) on flights within Europe. In 2014, 24 million passengers flew with the airline.

Learn more about Norwegian Air, and search for a discounted Norwegian flight today.

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