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Advertise with StudentUniverse

emirates1Want to reach millions of young, college educated travelers? StudentUniverse is a top channel to reach the college and youth market and we have a wide variety of opportunities available for partners who are looking to engage with our audience and create a positive brand experience.

A little bit about our audience:

  • Millions of college students visit StudentUniverse every year
  • We specialize in international student travel and process hundreds of thousands of transactions per year
  • We have millions of e-mail subscribers
  • 65% of our web and mobile traffic is direct or comes from brand searches
  • We have both a huge domestic and international audience and can tailor campaigns to specific demographics
  • Our customer base is primarily 18-25 year old affluent travelers

When we partner with a brand, we build tailor-made campaigns to reach clear cut marketing objectives and report back along the way to make sure we are on track. Some of our primary campaign elements include:

  • Sweepstakes
  • Promo codes
  • Dedicated emails
  • Banners (geo-targeting available)
  • Re-targeting
  • Social media
  • Content and landing pages

After your campaign is complete, we provide detailed analytics so that you can know how big an impact was made.

We have worked with dozens of great brands from all over the world including Emirates, G-Adventures, New South Wales, New Zealand, and United Airlines, to name a few. Through these campaigns, we have fine-tuned exactly to what students respond and continually drive positive results.

Interested in reaching more students? Email us or call 1-855-742-0293

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