Millennials – Future Business Travelers

Millennials – The Future Business Travelers

Millennials – Future Business Travelers

In the recent Boston Consulting Group article Traveling with Millennials the firm makes a solid case for how Millennials will be the most important segment in the years to come. At StudentUniverse we have spent more than a decade focusing on this group of travelers. Our airline partners (more than 65) understand the value of this segment. Here are some highlights from the BCG article:

“In fact, their spending on business flights is projected to grow sharply in the next several years, reaching nearly 50 percent of the total by 2020 or so and remaining strong for the 15 years after that. By comparison, as the baby boomers age, their spending will likely drop to only about 16 percent of total reported spending on business flights by 2020 and to 11 percent by 2025.”

“Airlines, hotels, and destinations that don’t reach out to Millennials now, seeking to understand and address their unique needs, may miss the boat entirely.”

“But waiting is not an option. Although most Millennials are just now beginning to develop their travel preferences, the window of opportunity to win their business—and their mind share—is limited. Forward-looking companies are taking action now.”

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