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Why visit and stay in Miami?

Do you really need a list of reasons why Miami is great? Fine, we’ll give you some. The weather is hot basically all the time, there are fantastic parties and a roaring nightlife nightly, the arts and culture of Miami is truly unbeatable, the food is to-die-for, oh, and obviously there’s some amazing beaches. Keep scrolling to discover all the important need-to-knows before your vacation. And don’t forget that we’ve always got stellar hotel prices (Miami area included) that you can search for above. Of course, our best deals are reversed for our student members, but don’t worry it's free to sign up! Basically, there’s no reason you shouldn’t become a member and use your saved money from your hotel (and flight too!) on food, drinks, and souvenirs on your trip.

Miami Hotels

Where are the best places to stay in Miami for students and young adults?

Miami has so many awesome areas for anyone to stay in and have a great time! In South Beach you won’t need to worry about having a car (same goes in Coconut Grove and downtown) and you’ll have super easy access to nightlife and beaches. Staying downtown is the way to go if you want to experience culture most. And Little Havana is the place to be if affordability is your number one (although you’ll be farther from the beaches)


Hotels and South Beach Miami

If you’ve ever seen an idealized Miami in movies or tv and thought that’s where I want to go, South Beach is the area that will help you achieve that dream. The area really will give you a little bit of everything during your stay. Technically speaking, South Beach is the area on Miami Beach from 23rd st down to South Pointe Park. Your cheapest means from Miami International Airport to South Beach is the public bus which arrives every 20 minutes and will get you from MIA to the southernmost area of South Beach in under 40 minutes for just $2.25. Of course there’s also rideshare, taxis, and the airport shuttle which will be faster but a little more money. Getting to the Miami downtown area is simple too on the bus route. While you’re on the mainland side, you will also have quick transportation access on the extensive Metrorail system.

While the beach is the biggest selling feature of the area, you can find lots of awesome activities, such as shopping and eating on pedestrian-only Lincoln Road (it has over 200 stores and restaurants and is conveniently located minutes from Ocean Drive), or clubbing the night away at some amazing spots.

When (if) you tire of sitting out on the beach during the day, check out the Miami Beach Botanical Garden where you can keep enjoying the warm weather, but get a break from the sunshine while surrounding yourself with art, plants, and animals. Alternatively, guide yourself or join a tour of the area's Art Deco design.

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What are the best attractions in Miami?

Miami has an epic array of attractions and things to do, from entertainment to shopping to food markets to museums to public street art.

Miami genuinely has some many great attractions. What are you looking to do? Nature lovers can take a trip to the Everglades National Park or Biscayne National Park, or may enjoy visiting Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, the Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden, or Zoo Miami. If you picked Miami for your vacation because you knew you wanted to take advantage of the hot weather, check out any of the awesome beaches like South Beach, Miami Beach, or even Hobie Beach which is dog friendly, or visit the Venetian Pool located in Coral Gables! Want to check out the area’s art and museums? Stop by Wynwood Walls, Perez Art Museum, or the Art Deco Historic District. If you’re wanting to spend time shopping around, Dolphin Mall or Bayside Marketplace are great options! In Miami, you’ll even have a great time if you want to just fly by the seat of your pants and wander around one of the neighborhoods like Little Havana or the Miami Design District. Finally if you love to be attending events and seeing the latest and greatest and sports and museums, treat yourself to some tickets to an event at FTX arena, located in the heart of Miami. They’ve got great concerts going on all the time and they are also the home arena of the Miami Heat in the NBA.

Can students get discounts in Miami hotels?

Well obviously, when you book with StudentUniverse! But in all seriousness, our mission is always to give you the best price on all your travel needs - discounts on Miami hotels included. Whether you’re going to Miami on a vacation, to visit friends or family, or to tour the UMiami, you deserve a great night’s rest for a low and affordable price. Why spend extra money on your hotel stay, when you can save that money for a night at the club or an extra night in Miami, or even for your next vacation!

Besides our everyday student discounts on all hotels, including in Miami, there are other ways to try and save big money on your travels. If you can, plan your trip during the destinations off season. Although the high season is busy with tourists for a reason, the high season is also more expensive. The cheapest dates to fly on are usually Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but just like hotels, you’ll find we’ve got cheap flights pretty much all the time. One more travel discount hack for you to take with you? Make sure you’re paying attention to any benefits your credit card may offer. If you’ve got a travel focused credit card, you’ll be able to get savings for flights or hotels. And even if the credit card isn’t travel focused, you can likely still get great savings during your trip with cash back, gift cards, and other benefits maybe cards offer.

What are the hotels like in Miami?

There are so many - literally hundreds - of hotels in Miami. In the Miami Beach area alone you’re going to find nearly 200 hotel options! What that means for you is that you will be able to find anything that you’re looking for, really! Dying to use an outdoor pool, a hot tub, or a fitness center during your stay? All available in many Miami hotels. Know that you’ll have a car and hoping for free parking during your trip? Yup, there’s hotel options that offer that too. You’ll easily find these amenities in a lot of the hotels available and you can even filter for the ones you want specifically in your search on our site. Other fun amenity filters to help you find your dream Miami hotel on our site? Airport transfer, bar, internet, and more. Whether you're a room service connoisseur or a buffet breakfast baddie, Miami’s hotels will not leave you wanting for more!

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