Hotels in Latin America

Cheap Hotels in South America

City 3 Star (from)* 4 Star (from)*
Bogota $19/night $25/night
Quito $20/night 45/night
Buenos Aires $21/night $30/night
Sao Paulo $26/night $49/night
Santiago $30/night $74/night
Lima $32/night $53/night
Rio de Janeiro $33/night $42/night
Guayaquil $33/night $36/night

At StudentUniverse, we want you to have the best trip of your life, and a lot of that depends on where you go to sleep at night. There’s plenty of accommodation options in South America, from dorm beds that run as low as $6/night to luxurious rooms at the Alvear Palace Hotel in Buenos Aires. Whatever your style, there’s somewhere to stay.

StudentUniverse tracks down great deals on accommodation that will suit the needs of any traveller. Book your flight to South America knowing that hundreds of affordable hotels are only a click away!

Don’t feel like hitting the hay so early? Find great hotels to serve as base camp for star-lit adventures. Grab a partner and learn how to salsa, mambo and merengue to the rhythms of the street. Order yourself a drink and take the party to the beach.

Buenos Aires has some of the best nightlife in the world, though many travellers argue that Sao Paulo offers more variety. From the underground party crew of Voodoohop to the nouveau-chic dance club Provocateur, SP has certainly earned its all-inclusive reputation.

While no one can deny that Rio throws some great parties, you might be surprised to discover that Lima boasts an eclectic nightlife as well. Imagine losing yourself in the 80s disco vibes of Nebula, or sampling exotic drinks at the Huaringas Bar. If all else fails, seek out the ever-open doors of Tequila Rock.

As always, stay safe and party smart!

*A Note About Hotel Prices: All prices were current at the time this was published. Prices are subject to availability and subject to change without notice. Prices are per night, per person the lowest amount found based on searches done in the last 14 days for hotels in the cities listed above for stays between December 2017 and January 2018. Hotel prices vary by date, city and availability. Taxes/fees are not included in the price.