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When you think of St. Louis, what comes to mind? Good news: the River City has more to offer than just a giant arch! Aside from tons of places to eat and fun twists on all your favorite foods (St. Louis pizza, anyone?), there’s also tons of free things to do in St. Louis. The St. Louis Zoo and the Art Museum are both free. Tired of being inside? No problem. Explore St. Louis’ Forest Park, one of the most-visited urban parks in the country. Pretend you’re a kid again in the City Museum, which is often described as a playground for grownups. Indulge in two of St. Louisans’ favorite things, baseball and beer—several local breweries even offer tours including the Urban Chestnut and Perennial Artisan Ales.

Between our cheap flights and St. Louis’ budget-friendly things to do, your bank account is practically begging you to take a weekend trip here. So what are you waiting for?

Things To Do in St. Louis

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